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B82498F3270G⊙Shareholder Guido Röthlisberger said he wore a red tie "to represent the fact that I and plenty of others today are seeing red."↨2220J0250102KFT▨A few months after the visit with Daniel's family, Aurora is at school, sitting with two other girls on the blue foam carpet in the first-grade classroom. She wears her white and navy blue school uniform. Her long blond hair is pinned up with a red Minnie Mouse bow.✤


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CDR31BP750BKUSAC✐Answering a question in Beijing on Friday during a regular briefing, a spokesperson for China's foreign ministry said the country "regrets that the airship strayed into the United States," which they attributed to a "westerly wind" and the device's limited "control ability."►S0402-12NF2C☼Dr. Vivian Cheung takes immune-suppressing steroids to manage a rare genetic disease and she relied on her connections as a pediatrician and research scientist to get Evusheld. Getting the shot didn't change Cheung's behavior – "Except for work, I don't go out at all," she said at the time – but it gave her some peace of mind.☢


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VS-20TQ045STRRHM3♣Because many families rely on extra income from kids to pay bills and put food on the table, meaningfully addressing this problem isn't as simple as pulling kids out of the field, Cuello points out.♣C0805X473M2RECAUTO↝In the online statement, the Orlando Hamburger Mary’s co-owner wrote that H.B. 1438 sets a precedent for legislators to “decide what is best for you” based on their values.➳


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135D566X9030C6◦"We need to have humility, and conduct a careful and thorough review of how we supervised and regulated this firm, and what we should learn from this experience," said Barr, in announcing the Fed's internal audit of what happened at Silicon Valley Bank.⇎CDR31BP431BFUR-ZANAB↔The extent of the damage wasn't immediately known.☪

☂"The defendant ... used money, power and sex, or the promise of those things, to get what she wanted," Fremont County Prosecutor Lindsey Blake told jurors in her opening statement. She added, "It didn't matter what obstacle she had to remove to get what she wanted."⊕


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