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VJ0603A102KXQPW1BC①Researchers use binoculars to spot koalas in eucalyptus trees, then construct circular enclosures around the tree bases with doors leading into cages. After a few hours or days, the koalas will eventually climb down from one tree to seek tasty leaves on another, and wander into the harmless traps.✌0805PC103KAT3A★If problems with an employee's dress continue, employees can face "remedies up to and including termination," the memo says.◑

【The Fulton County Sheriff's Office told NPR member station WABE it has launched an investigation into Thompson's death. The sheriff's office also acknowledged that the facility is "dilapidated and rapidly eroding" — adding that officials have approved $500,000 to address the issue of pests.▒

▌Here I was, unable to read from a blackboard or textbook. And the majority of my teachers would ignore me. They wouldn't tell me what they'd written on the board so I couldn't follow along. I had to rely on friends who would explain things to me later. In class, I was made to feel like I didn't matter. Most people didn't pay attention to me. That was my painful time.➡


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1808J0630221KXT❣For example, if you're a teenager excited to be learning the guitar, musical tones will get preferential treatment. If you're learning to play basketball, the bounce of the dribbling ball and your coach calling out plays will get your attention. There are certain sounds, like the sound of your own name, that your brain is unconsciously conditioned to respond to, even when you're asleep.↧C1812C184G8JACAUTOΘAnother of Joseph's horses, Lord Miles, has been scratched from the 149th Kentucky Derby, which takes place Saturday. Post time for the race is 6:57 p.m. ET.◄

⇑Almost in a matter of a single generation, America has developed an extensive, even casual reliance on debt. Its epitome is the credit score, which often snares newcomers into a financial Catch-22 — penalizing a lack of debt history and pushing many to take confusing, sometimes costly measures.♥

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