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◥Outsize majorities also said choosing how to live your own life, having a good family and being able to retire comfortably were critical to the American dream.➣


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D121G33C0GH6TL2R↕"They also are a record of the place in time, the species and the health of the environment," he says. "You can use these recordings as a baseline as the environment changes."○VJ0805D200MLXAP↯T. rex roamed the Earth between 65 and 67 million years ago, and Hollywood movies — perhaps epitomized by the blockbuster "Jurassic Park" franchise — have added to the public fascination with the carnivorous creature.▄


£The company had been promoting the show heavily for several days and even changed its Twitter bio to "TIFFANY + BRETT FOREVER," referencing two of the show's cast members.◙JANTX1N3957❈Ban abortion after six weeks (S.B. 300)◆CKR22BX102MP➲Lawmakers return to Washington, D.C., after a two-week recess with a hefty legislative agenda, including addressing the fallout from a recent leak of classified U.S. intelligence documents and the looming debt limit crisis.➬2225Y0160181FFR▧"This doesn't have to do with San Francisco, this has to do with human nature," Scott said.☼

◎"A lot of people have been asking, 'What does this mean for me? What does this mean for my benefits?' And our first answer is, 'We don't really know because we've never had this happened before,'" he said.☎STL128DFP"We know that we continue to live under slavery's vestiges. We know how slavery has perpetuated Jim Crow. We know how slavery's impacts live on today," Bush said, citing the racial wealth gap, voter suppression, infant mortality rates and other negative health outcomes for Black people.❤


♗The growth of Netflix's video streaming service has been slowing down over the past year, prompting management to put more emphasis on boosting profits. That focus may have also contributed to the decision to close an operation that was becoming a financial drain.▫LD06YC104KAB2A☞In addition to noncitizens, this simulated count produced higher numbers than the 2020 census for: males, children under age 15, adults ages 25 to 64, Black and white people who do not identify as Hispanic, and Latinos.♠GRM1555C1H7R6WZ01D✄Officers at the scene gave at least 12 orders to hold back and not enter the classrooms despite hearing the gunfire blasts, The Post’s investigation found.✦CDR31BP101BFMSAC⇐Critics say Singapore's death penalty has mostly snared low-level mules and done little to stop drug traffickers and organized syndicates. But Singapore's government says that all those executed have been accorded full due process under the law and that the death penalty is necessary to protect its citizens.➧

☠Police later found an AR-style pistol in the trunk while executing a search warrant of Kemp's car, but did not find any magazines or ammunition. They also found five .357 caliber cartridges in Kemp's jacket pocket, one on the ground and two unused ones in the center console of his car, police said.→CKC18X822JWGAC7210✯Before the vote, analysts had said the race looked to be tight and predicted Alegre could have a chance of unseating South America's longest-governing party, which has essentially ruled Paraguay uninterrupted since 1947.⇈


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AQ12EA330FAJME㊣High school student Perry had a glorious Summer of Slack all planned out, full of fishing, teasing her go-getter twin sister Pauline, and generally enjoying life. But then she accidentally wrecks her car, and to pay back her Auntie Daunis for the repairs, she has to take a job with one of the tribal-affiliated businesses in the Kinomaage Summer Internship Program. Perry is not amused to be assigned to the last remaining and least desirable internship role — working for Cooper Turtle, the odd manager of the Sugar Island Cultural Learning Centre.◦1206Y0250183MDT⇪WOOD: We had senior military trainer who'd said they'd sent operatives to Iraq, that they'd provided chemical weapons training. They recanted it all. It turned out he lied about it.↕

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