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M39003/01-6384/TR✄Major advertisers had already abandoned Carlson's Fox News show, which regularly embraced groundless conspiracy theories and made appeals broadly found to be racist, xenophobic and misogynistic.➲C0805C508C1HACAUTO↼As recently as Tuesday, Twitter's policy page stated explicitly that NPR would not be included in this label — before the wording was altered to remove NPR.

▱"We continue to assist U.S. citizens and others who are eligible with onward travel to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where additional U.S. personnel are positioned to assist with consular and emergency services," State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said in a statement Sunday.◫


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0630CDMCDDS-R82MC♥Last month, a former female NFL director filed an employee discrimination lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging age, sex and gender discrimination in addition to a hostile work environment.↔MA1206XR473K500┲The woman who was killed has been identified as 39-year-old Amy St. Pierre, according to an affidavit obtained by NPR. The 39-year-old worked for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.⇐


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M39003/01-7189/HSD】Iraq said it would reduce production by 211,000 barrels per day, the United Arab Emirates by 144,000, Kuwait by 128,000, Kazakhstan by 78,000, Algeria by 48,000 and Oman by 40,000. The announcements were carried by each country's state media.۰FA18NP02A122JNU06❤"There is no safe level of mercury exposure, and while we have made significant progress advancing clean energy, coal-fired power plants remain one of the largest sources of mercury pollution,'' said Holly Bender, senior director of energy campaigns for the Sierra Club.❄


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VJ0603D430JLCAP⇤Since 230 was enacted, the lower courts have almost uniformly ruled that people alleging defamation, harassment, and other harms, cannot sue internet companies that publish such content. But the Supreme Court had, until now, had, never ruled on any of those issues. Thursday's decision was a first step, and it could be a harbinger.▕CC0402KRX7R7BB823あFreezing rain and thunderstorms pummeled parts of Ontario and Quebec on Wednesday, knocking out power for about 800,000 people, officials reported.♨


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