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☀San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said Momeni will be charged with murder in Lee's death and is expected to be arraigned Friday. Prosecutors will ask a judge to hold him without bail.▄


✍In South Carolina, Republican Sen. Sandy Senn criticized Majority Leader Shane Massey for repeatedly "taking us off a cliff on abortion."♠1111J3003P00BQTⓥThe new Irish labeling rules, which will take effect in three years, will be more explicit about the possible negative health effects of drinking and contain more information about what's in the drink.⇊MA0603CG100J160☢In March, the parties — both Carroll and Trump — filed a motion requesting that the two cases be consolidated into a single trial. U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan denied that motion, meaning the cases are still separate.▲JMK432BJ476MM-T☼MAKRIDIS: It's hard to think about. That someone will voluntarily stop the WMD programs, and certainly he was under extreme UN sanctions.◇

➨Lashawn Thompson, 35, died in September, three months after he was booked into the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta. Public outrage over his death spread last month after a lawyer for his family, Michael Harper, released photos of Thompson's face and body covered in insects.❤0603J0500271GFT☢In their appeal, lawyers representing Danco wrote that Kacsmaryk's decision was "an unprecedented judicial assault on a careful regulatory process that has served the public for decades."✌


☽"Gibb was present with Lori Vallow when Chad Daybell first instructed Lori about his theories of zombies over the phone in early 2019 in reference to Charles Vallow," Ball wrote.▅GRM1555C1H9R9DA01D▯After earlier sightings over Montana, the balloon moved along Friday to cross "the middle of the country," according to a U.S. official. A Chinese balloon has never been over the middle of the country before. The only other time a Chinese balloon has flown over the continental U.S. was during a brief overflight of Florida. There have been overflights of Hawaii and Guam. In previous instances, the Chinese have been able to recover the balloon. Although it can maneuver, it will still travel in the direction it is carried by the jet stream.◐TAZB474K035CRSZ0900♨On overseeing a rapid evolution in technology:⊞D471J33SL0F63L5R✍According to court documents filed Friday, the FBI's investigation found that many of the documents Teixeira leaked had classified markings including noting that they were "top secret." Some of the images of the documents appeared to depict government information that was used in Pentagon briefings.⇟

▕It was also surmised that, had it not been for the leak, Chief Justice Roberts might still have organized a majority around an alternative – such as a ban on abortion after a stated period of gestation (such as 20 weeks). That was far less likely to happen when any deviation from the vote count on the draft would be glaring.☜FZT853TC✎Daniel Penny, the 24-year-old man who put Jordan Neely in a fatal chokehold on the New York City subway more than a week ago, was arraigned and criminally charged in a Manhattan court room Friday.☠

▰The art in question, Comedian, is a (frequently replaced) duct-taped banana that is meant to evoke everything from Charlie Chaplin's slapstick comedy to the fruit's status as an emblem of global trade.➯


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M39003/01-7231⇅In the 1990s, he worked in the Finance Ministry and later directed the social security institution — his resume boasts he was once named "Bureaucrat of the Year" — before becoming a member of parliament in 2002.⊟MPSA13RLRAG☠The measure is part of a bill that also includes sweeping new restrictions on how third-party registration groups operate, drawing criticism from Democrats who say the legislation will negatively affect efforts to enroll more minority voters.↖


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