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↟More than 11,600 people have lost their lives to gun violence in the U.S. since the start of 2023, according to the Gun Violence Archive. One in 6 people say they have personally witnessed a shooting in the U.S..↡2225Y0100182GCR▃The star had reigned as king of the global soccer world since his 1958 World Cup debut. He remains the youngest player to ever score in the World Cup — let alone cinch the winning goal in a final game — which he did at age 17.♤HL02120GTTR◐CONWAY, Miss. — A man who escaped from a Mississippi jail and is suspected in a Monday night killing died after barricading himself in a home and setting it on fire during an armed standoff with deputies, authorities said Wednesday.○594D687X06R3R2T035↺Davis in response again suggested a question that Dominion could ask in its place. He said Dominion could inquire why Fox executives chose to pull back support from Trump. If their answer brought up Jan. 6, Dominion could pursue the topic, the judge said.□

◩Some women describe the choice between leaving, staying or returning as a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" kind of situation. As Natalia, who asked to not to be identified by her last name for security reasons, is currently staying in Germany with her 7-year-old daughter, put it: "If you leave, you feel like a coward, abandoning the nation in times of hardship. If you stay, they say you are a bad mother who exposes her child to danger."→C1206C330J2GAC7800☆The revised amount is being backed by more than 60,000 parties that have filed lawsuits alleging harm from J&J talcum powder, according to the company.♦

↬Crow's office said in a statement to ProPublica that Crow and his wife have supported children pursuing education.➺

☪Excerpts shown to media from Wilt's body camera show the pair arriving at Old National Bank in the police car. When they park near the front door, the shooter opens fire on them, and Galloway yells to Wilt to reverse, which he does.▼


❁The Saudi-backed council, which was appointed a year ago, has given its initial approval to the draft deal, the official said.ˍTAP685M010SRS➮For years, Miller High Life has used the "Champagne of Beers" slogan. This week, that appropriation became impossible to swallow.£TAWD336M020R0500♂Egypt, which said it had over 10,000 citizens in Sudan, urged those in cities other than Khartoum to head to consular offices in Port Sudan and Wadi Halfa in the north for evacuation, the state-run MENA news agency reported.◘CDR32BX153BKUR-ZACAB▣That raises "the possibility that the 2020 Census did not succeed in collecting data for a significant fraction of noncitizens residing in the United States," the bureau's report says.◆

⇜The investigation also revealed that the archdiocese failed to report many allegations of sexual abuse to authorities, conduct adequate investigations, remove abusers from the ministry or restrict their access to children.➹BAR 14-1 E6327☭A 17-year-old died Saturday after a sand dune collapsed on top of him in the Outer Banks in North Carolina, the National Park Service said.▊


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RL895-271K⊟The ride hailing company declined to share with NPR specific numbers on the potential impact of these layoffs. The Wall Street Journal reported that the layoffs could affect about 30% of Lyft workers, or around 1,200 jobs.₪M39003/01-2371H⊞"So basically, on a dare, by absolute chance, I went out there and I figured this wasn't visible enough," he says, demonstrating the head nod versus the hand wave. "So I wanted to do this, and the term 'you can't see me' is like, 'Well, you're not even on my level.'"₪

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