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↥In one exchange, a sexual assault survivor spoke about the 11-1 verdict that sent the man who attacked her and her sisters to prison for 18 years.


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C0603C0G500-6R8BNP↫And now he's earned a graduate degree from the University of Oklahoma.♞FCX495QTA♤Working conditions in the minor leagues have long been tougher than the majors. Even as the average MLB salary has topped $4 million, most minor leaguers earn between $400 and $700 per week and are paid only during the regular season, forcing many to get part-time jobs in other parts of the year.❑


∷Henryetta, located about 60 miles south of Tulsa, is a rural community of about 6,000 residents known for its annual rodeos and history as a manufacturing hub.→GQM2195C2A4R8DB01J✄Kansas State University's athletic director, Gene Taylor, says his men's basketball coach, Jerome Tang, was drawing heavily from it.►VJ0805D750FXXAC♐The original approval allowed mifepristone to be used to end pregnancies through seven weeks. The agency expanded that to 10 weeks and loosened some other safety restrictions in 2016, then approved a generic version in 2019. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, the FDA allowed the drug, which is available only by prescription, to be obtained by mail.◇PM628S-6R0-RC▪That night, Kimberly Mata-Rubio, whose 10-year-old daughter Lexi was killed, wrote on Twitter that, “I wanted to send a message, but, instead, the state of Texas sent me a message: my daughter’s murder wasn’t enough.”§

⇣The indictment includes a separate $150,000 payment to another woman who allegedly had an intimate relationship with Trump. Former Playboy model Karen McDougal is not named in the charges but she has talked openly about that experience in interviews.→1808J0250221MXR⊠"I don't envision the circumstances where we can stop vaccinating, and say, 'Okay, there's no more polio. Forget it.' Just for one simple reason: Polio can be made in a lab in two weeks," he says. More than 20 years ago researchers at the State University of New York, Stony Brook, cooked up infectious polio from scratch using publicly available data.♩


➘Khan, 70, arrived Friday morning at the Islamabad High Court under heavy security, escorted by armored security vehicles, to hear a judge grant him bail in the corruption case and issue the order barring his arrest until at least May 17. The PTI said later that Khan would return to his home in the city of Lahore when he was released from court custody, which was expected imminently.↣1210Y0630470GFRのGershkovich, the first U.S. journalist to be detained in Russia since the Cold War, was taken into custody while reporting in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg on March 29. He could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted on espionage charges.◥1EZ120D5/TR12▰"This means that it is vital that we protect competition in this emerging and exciting market," he said.↩0603J0500330GQT⇣Goldsmith did license the use of her Prince photo to Vanity Fair back in 1984, when the magazine commissioned Warhol to create a silkscreen work based on Goldsmith's photo and then used an image of Warhol's piece to accompany an article they ran that year about the musician. But that was only for the one-time use of the image. According to the Supreme Court opinion, the magazine credited Goldsmith and paid her $400 at the time for its use of her "source photograph."▫

☌"I called the surgery center [asking] what time is this appointment? 'Oh, we canceled that. He doesn't have insurance," she says. "So I jump on the portal and sure enough, they don't have insurance."➣T491C685K016AT2478➨The group Kids in Danger estimates that furniture tip-overs send six children to the emergency room each day and kill one child every two weeks.⇌

☠So, sell TikTok, or ban it? Selling it might be impossible – though worth a lot, the Chinese Communist Party may object to a sale. As for banning TikTok, Mueller said, "There's probably a 90% chance that that would be ruled unconstitutional [because of] the First Amendment. You're banning an information source, you're banning a publication. I have to emphasize this: if you ban TikTok, it's not the Chinese Government that would be silenced; it's the 150 million American users of the app. Those are the ones whose free speech rights would be violated by a ban."◩

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