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ºAsians largely shared similar attitudes with all U.S. adults when it came to defining what it means to be "truly American."⇟


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2220J0630331GFR●Eight more hours on call.⇢C318C180FAG5TA7301✚If you do find a tick on your body, don't panic.▶

☻One of three cases announced Monday concerns a local branch of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security that had operated inside an office building in Manhattan's Chinatown neighborhood before closing last fall amid an FBI investigation. The two men who were arrested were acting under the direction and control of a Chinese government official and deleted communication with that official from their phones after learning of the FBI's probe in an apparent effort to obstruct the inquiry, according to the Justice Department.◐


☃"I plan on being that 80 year old guy talking about what it was like in the 2020s and COVID 19 and telling some young whippersnapper lawyer about how we did it back when," he said.ⓥ744760222C█"We are the people who create the stuff that the world watches. And yet we're treated as if we are virtually valueless," says the WGA's chief negotiator, Chris Keyser. "Sustaining a writing career has become almost untenable for a large percentage of our members. We're just at a breaking point."↕C1206C682K3RECAUTO➘They added, "I just ask that during this time I have the privacy to enjoy the rest of my senior year. I would also like for this attention to shift towards those who have experienced similar situation's, you are not alone and there are people in this world who will stand with you. I want to spread positivity and help others grow through this process. Thank you all so much for the love you show me!"↘IXTY1R6N50D2-TRL⇡Including her pain.の

▯Separately, a federal judge in Florida ruled late Thursday that migrants could not be released from custody without a court date. U.S. Representative Veronica Escobar said she feared the ruling would lead to migrants dying in detention.⇡CCR06CG123FSV♙And the biggest fallout could be with women, like Tiffany Sheffield, who live in the suburbs.▩


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CDR34BP222BJZRAT◨"What happened this week in Tennessee was an exercise of power used to send a political message: dissent and refusal to conform will not be tolerated," Vanderbilt University's Carrie Russell, a principal senior lecturer in political science, told NPR in an email.↔SQCAVM390JATME\500♣The motion was a privileged resolution, which when offered by a rank-and-file House member triggered a procedural vote in the next two days. Any motion to expel required a two-thirds vote.▅

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