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1812Y1K50102JXT♥The last time the union asked members to authorize a work stoppage, in 2017, the two sides successfully negotiated a new contract before the deadline. But in 2007, the writers did go on strike for 100 days, asking to be paid more for their work on movies or shows that were sold as DVDs and internet downloads. Hollywood productions shut down, and the local economy lost an estimated $2.1 billion. The effect on viewers was felt immediately on late night TV shows and other daily productions.♧150D396X0015R2BE3⋄On Monday morning, one day after the crash, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott held a press conference to discuss what the state was doing to reduce illegal immigration across its border with Mexico.⇪


◘On May 15, 1948, one nation's triumph became another nation's catastrophe. Israel was established as a homeland for Jews, while the majority of Palestinians were displaced.ˍBD140-6-BP↣Last month, Covis said it would pull Makena voluntarily, but it wanted that process to wind down over several months. On Thursday, the FDA rejected that proposal.☚1206J2000181FCR◎Father Ignacio Flores Garcia, a Mexican priest, is based at Guadalupe Parish. His church serves parishioners across Nairobi, including in Kibera. He welcomes the WHO announcement – and notes that the majority of people he interacts with on a daily basis seem to be forgetting fast about the global pandemic that brought life to a grinding halt.↶VJ0402D110GXAAP△Another cabinet meeting was scheduled for later Friday.▐

♞A recent Government Accountability Office investigation found that the sharp increase in airline flight disruptions in recent years was largely caused by factors within the airlines' control, including maintenance issues, technology glitches and staffing problems.➟1812J5000680KDR◣The AR-15 has a long history in mass shootings in the U.S.↹


▌One way to limit clear-air turbulence would be to avoid the four main jet streams that encircle Earth. Commercial aircraft often take advantage of these narrow bands of strong wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere to increase speed and shorten flight times.큐2SB631E➣CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Hodding Carter III, a Mississippi journalist and civil rights activist who as U.S. State Department spokesman informed Americans about the Iran hostage crisis and later won awards for his televised documentaries, has died. He was 88.✣GRM21BR61A335KA73L۰"This does not represent our community or our children," Porter added.➱2220Y0160335MXR☀In 2021, Howard announced that New York Times reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones along with writer and alumnus Ta-Nehisi Coates would be joining its faculty.⇎

☁How does his invention fit into broader efforts to use AI in mental health? Experts note that there are many such efforts underway, and Matt Nock, for one, expressed concerns about false alarms. He applies machine learning to electronic health records to identify people who are at risk for suicide.ⓛC325C104F1G5TA7301☝The egg, now fertilized and containing its new set of 23 pairs of chromosomes, is called a zygote. The genes that will influence hundreds of characteristics — ranging from biological sex to hair color and eye color — are determined instantly.の


▒The last time I spoke to my mom was a little less than 24 hours prior to the incident. The conversation was very casual. She was telling me about a sick relative of ours who was in the hospital and how she needed our hopes and prayers. Then I received another voice recording on WhatsApp. It was less than an hour before she died, before she was killed. The message was mainly focused on telling [my family and me] how severe the attacks were. There were so many loud explosions, the sound of automatic machine guns, the sound of active war over there. She didn't know the next one would hit her.⇐PZU7.5BA,115◥For example, if you're a teenager excited to be learning the guitar, musical tones will get preferential treatment. If you're learning to play basketball, the bounce of the dribbling ball and your coach calling out plays will get your attention. There are certain sounds, like the sound of your own name, that your brain is unconsciously conditioned to respond to, even when you're asleep.▽0805Y0160330GCT↦In an email to NPR, Jordan Jewell, a 21-year-old passenger aboard that flight, recounted how two flight attendants "hit the ceiling head first" during one of the drastic altitude changes. Jewell later noticed that one of them left "a massive dent in the ceiling of the plane."▼CDR33BP122BKZSAT♝Here's what to know about the upcoming trial:➸

⇘The gunmen "murdered two of the Police Mobile Force operatives and two staff of the consulate," Tochukwu said, before setting their vehicle "ablaze."➷2225J5000470FFR╬Meanwhile, the California National Guard will offer support in analyzing drug operations, with a particular focus on fentanyl trafficking rings.➲


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PE-0603CD560KTT▨One big reason: Even if a legislature succeeds in ousting a lawmaker, the state body probably won't have a say in what happens to that seat. In Tennessee, county or metro councils in affected districts can name an interim lawmaker — and officials say they will reinstate Rep. Justin Jones, for instance.☂NP110N055PUG(1)-E1-AY↭American Airlines Capt. Dennis Tajer calls clear-air turbulence "a real nemesis" because it can't be seen or easily detected from the cockpit of a commercial airliner and therefore often comes with no warning. What's more, Tajer, who has more than 30 years of experience as a commercial pilot, believes that the problem is getting worse.◎


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