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↘One consequence, though, is that after the invasion, after the collapse of a functioning Iraqi government, Zarqawi built a powerful terrorist group, Al Qaeda in Iraq, which would go on to kill many U.S. servicemen and which would eventually, after the US withdrawal from Iraq in 2011, become ISIS, which we continue to have to deal with today.☼


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IRG7PH42UD2PBF◇Trump, a front-runner in the Republican presidential field ahead of the November 2024 election, is under investigation for his efforts to overturn the election results which included pressuring Pence to not certify the results of the election, a largely ceremonial role for the vice president. Pence declined to entertain that idea, paving a way for a split between the two men. Pence is also exploring a presidential run in 2024.◇GA1206A3R9CBLBT31G♕Mr. Biden will then address his administration's efforts to rally the world in support of Ukraine, and reiterate the U.S. "will continue to stand with the people of Ukraine for as long as it takes," according to the White House.↽

❒The reach of these conditions is enormous. One recent study found that nearly 10% of people over age 65 have dementia; more than twice as many are living with mild cognitive impairment.★


✚The tiny shoes and slippers are especially heartrending.☺0805Y5000331MXT◇What would you tell your young self now?❄70F224AI↿In January, Santos voluntarily stepped down from his committee amidst outcry over his fabricated biography and ongoing questions surrounding his personal and campaign finances.☣1206Y0631P00CAR₪Both the RSF and Sudan's military have accused each other of instigating the ongoing fighting, and air force jets have been seen attacking targets over Khartoum. The sudden conflict follows a long dispute over plans to integrate both forces as part of a fragile transition to democracy, that now appears in further jeopardy.⊟

⇃The department said publishers could appeal any rejections and that the approved textbooks can now be purchased by public school districts across the state.◥IPI041N12N3G☽He said in a statement Monday that he hadn't had a chance to fully review the independent autopsy report but that even before it was issued, "it was painfully clear there were a number of failures that led to Mr. Thompson's tragic death."↕

⇠Sudan, a country at the crossroads of the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa, is known for its history of military coups and civil conflicts since it gained independence in 1950s. A decade-old civil conflict resulted in the secession of South Sudan in 2011.▌

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