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↱The designation requires broadcasters to alter their programming in a number of ways, including by withholding comedies and other light entertainment. Music broadcasters are urged to air music in a minor key, according to Serbia's media regulator, REM.✎


✄Israel plays in Europe as a member of UEFA after leaving the Asian Football Confederation in the 1970s for political and security reasons.◥CDR32BX103BKZM\M▃The egg, now fertilized and containing its new set of 23 pairs of chromosomes, is called a zygote. The genes that will influence hundreds of characteristics — ranging from biological sex to hair color and eye color — are determined instantly.▎1N5373/TR8☪Federal authorities haven't acted to shut down any sites so far but haven't publicly supported them either. The Office of National Drug Control Policy declined to comment, given ongoing litigation in a related case in Philadelphia.➲GRM0225C1E6R0DDAEL⇛"100% Auschwitz. Went there last year. Can never forget it," one Reddit user wrote. "Hoo boy, to be a fly on the wall in the next production meeting," came another reply.♜

↘"A thoughtful country would begin to say we've got to come up with the regulatory structures and business models that can work for all," he says, "not just for the 30-year-old."☄C1206C121F4HAC7800⊿Lifestyle magnate Martha Stewart is making history, as she becomes the oldest person to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated's yearly swimsuit issue, at 81.


●"I just wanted to see something new, something better," she said at a polling station near the center of the city. "Now we need a new thing to bring us into the future. To bring us forward."★1206J0500101FQT✎What it will do: This legislation authorizes DeSantis to run for president without having to resign as governor. Proponents of the bill say it is meant to “clarify” existing Florida law, which says no official can qualify for another “state, district, county or municipal” public office if the term overlaps with their current position.º2220J2500270GFT☺In late September 2020, Murdoch warned Trump's son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, that the Biden campaign ads were better. The next day, the media magnate, whose former wife had helped reconcile Kushner with his wife Ivanka Trump after a brief split, followed up with another email.▂1111J2000271KQT⇟Cutting groundwater use could be painful. A study by the Public Policy Institute of California last year found that an estimated 500,000 acres of farmland would have to go unplanted in the southern Central Valley over the next 20 years to help restore water underground. That's even with increased capturing of storm waters in a year like this. The region produces billions of dollars in almonds, pistachios, dairy and other produce every year.◁

✌The increase in violence has led abortion-rights advocates to worry that more violence could be coming if the fringes of a fragmented anti-abortion movement become impatient with judicial and political efforts to ban and restrict abortion. Meanwhile, anti-abortion activists worry that vandalism committed at pregnancy resource centers over the past year is an indication that abortion-rights advocates could escalate into violence if states further tighten abortion access.】0603J050P560CCT↰He told The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper last month that his physiotherapy had been "agony" following his fall and hip replacement.⇈


♡Mahdi said there were an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 people stuck at the two border crossings.♥SMK316B7102MF-THe told Jimmy Fallon last year that when he was working on his 2005 album, his younger brother Sean was "always our litmus test" and never satisfied with any of the songs. But when Sean heard "The Time is Now," he says, he offered a seal of approval in the form of Tony Yayo's move — bobbing his head in front of his open hand.①GMD033R71C182KA11J▪Fans flooded Moon Bin's social media accounts with comments expressing grief and shock over his death, which came months after he renewed his contract with Fantagio along with four other Astro members.☺0603J0504P70BAR↦Santos has previously referred to the fabrications about his background, which included lying about having Jewish ancestry and about having been a star volleyball player, as harmless embellishments.◎

✄The Democratic president has commuted the sentences of 75 other people so far. He also pardoned thousands who were convicted of "simple possession" of marijuana under federal law, and others who have long since served out their sentences.▦1N4730AE3/TR13▨After suffering a series of humiliating battlefield defeats, Moscow started to target electrical and other critical infrastructure in October. The strikes have caused sweeping blackouts and cut off water supplies and heating to civilians as the temperature in some regions dropped below freezing.↿

♨Ferguson told reporters on Tuesday that he sees his lawsuit as "the opposite of what's going on in Texas," and that he filed it because he believes "anti-abortion activists...will stop at nothing until they have removed every last vestige of reproductive freedom for Americans across the country, including individuals who live in states where abortion is safe and legal."➜


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