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➺It's worse than you imagine. Nearly every new thing coming out of a university is too early to help anyone who has cancer now. Worse, nearly everything fails. If that sounds jaded, I'm sorry. This is oncologists' lived reality.◆


☪Sararat — who is four months pregnant — is facing 14 charges of premeditated murder and one of attempted murder, but police are investigating up to three other potentially linked cases.❃2220Y2K50470FCR】Its staff has been whittled down to just about 10% of what it was before Musk's acquisition, following mass layoffs and hundreds of others quitting. Outages have become far more common. Overall system bugginess has also become the norm for many users.→2220J1K00470GFR▧The current standards require federal forms that ask participants their identities to inquire about race and ethnicity through two separate questions. That's why on census forms, for example, before you see the race question, there's a question about Hispanic or Latino identity, which the U.S. government considers to be an ethnicity that can be of any race.✐C0805X222J4RECAUTO7210↲She also said that even if mug shots are taken, they should not be released to the public.✄

➷Both allies provided extensive support during Iraq's fight against the Sunni extremists of ISIS, who overran swathes of northern and western Iraq and parts of neighboring Syria in 2014.➲TPSB335K020R1300☍In fertilizer, phosphorus is important for plants to grow strong roots and for crops to be productive. Florida has been an important source since the 1800s; today, the EPA notes, "Florida alone accounts for approximately 80 percent of the current capacity, making it the world's largest phosphate producing area."↬

▨ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro said in a company memo sent to employees that those affected will hear from their supervisor and someone from human relations this week.↢


↔Kim says the slowdown is noticeable in some of the most important markets. The U.S. share of total K-pop album imports has remained at 17% for two years. The United States is the third-largest importer of K-pop albums after Japan and China. And in Southeast Asia, album sales dropped in all major countries other than Vietnam last year.☊1825J3K00471FCT▐"These are the same nurses working in the ER, where a heart attack patient could come in," said Teresea Olson, 56, who is the town's part-time mayor and also picked up on-call shifts. "The staff was exhausted."⇘C335C124G2G5TA□Tokyo and Seoul have been working to repair relations that were strained over wartime history disputes as they deepen three-way security cooperation with Washington in response to growing regional threats from North Korea and China.⇔1825Y2000394JXT⇈He continued to try to obfuscate all the things that he was doing. He was almost hiding weakness. He didn't tell all the members of his regime. He created a lot of smoke.↭

⇗Graham said he hoped Feinstein would be back soon, but that adding a Democrat to her place while she is away would allow support for "a handful of judges that I think should never be on the bench."₪C0603X159D5HACAUTO♟In its news release, the 7th Fleet said the joint operation had "established a powerful presence in the region, which supports peace and stability."✉


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PG0702.302NLT▣Earlier Friday, Israeli missiles struck an open field in the southern Lebanese town of Qalili, near the Palestinian refugee camp of Rashidiyeh, according to an Associated Press photographer and residents, killing several sheep and inflicting minor injuries on residents, including Syrian refugees. Other strikes hit a small bridge and power transformer in the nearby town of Maaliya and damaged an irrigation system providing water to orchards in the area.♦1206J0100152MXR❤Groups opposed to abortion rights are trying to overturn the FDA's decades-old approval of the abortion pill mifepristone and do away with the recent rule changes that have made the pills more available.◇

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