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★One user on Twitter competitor Bluesky put it this way: "even though u knew it would turn out this way it is still amazing it turned out this way lol"0805Y0160271MDR⚘Of course, the current environment of intense political polarization extends beyond Tennessee. So, could majorities in other state legislatures follow suit, and expel politicians with whom they can't agree?§74404032022☢It is to be humble.  And it is to know that, if you lose focus for any reason, the next big intelligence failure will be right around the corner.➵1210Y6300821FAT↦In a written statement, the Vatican said the two men spoke about Ukraine's "humanitarian and political situation provoked by the war going on.''➺

☾In addition, city staff have been unable to fly to many states for cooperative work on issues ranging from HIV prevention to transportation, Wiener said.↝06035A1R3CAT2A▨While pursuing that audacious ambition, Holmes raised nearly $1 billion from a list of well-heeled investors that included Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison and media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Those sophisticated investors all lost their money after a Wall Street Journal investigation and regulatory reviews exposed dangerous flaws in Theranos' technology.▧

ºFormer President Donald Trump is facing 34 charges relating to hush money payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels. But it's not the payment itself that's at issue here – it's his business' alleged falsification of records to cover up any paper trail of that payment.↮


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L3A43C103KAB2A❣One final point on the WMD analysis: There is a myth about the weapons judgment that still persists today.➹1N4005-N-0-3-AP♔Christie Stephenson, spokeswoman for House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., said Democrats will evaluate the bill "if House Republicans can ever agree with themselves about how much they want to devastate American families in order to finance tax cuts for the wealthy, well-off and well-connected."♠


ЮCivilians in the capital are bearing the brunt of the clashes, with millions trapped in their homes, humanitarian workers unable to deliver supplies and medical facilities under attack.▦M39006/31-0014★From rooms full of balloons and lockers filled with ping pong balls to song and dance routines that would make anyone's heart melt, promposals have become a regular, spectacular high school event. In RaeChell Garrett's delightful book of the same name, Black teen entrepreneur Autumn Reeves launches a start-up called Promposal Queen, where she is paid to help conceive and execute these elaborate proposals for her fellow classmates.❉1808Y0630562GCT⊙Three NFL players were suspended indefinitely Friday for betting on NFL games in the 2022 season, while two other players, including the 12th overall draft pick a year ago, received six-game suspensions for betting on non-NFL games at a league facility.ღVS-400CNQ045PBF➱In true BuzzFeed fashion, here are five takeaways from Traffic. (Peretti might have gotten a lot of things wrong, but the accessibility of lists was not one of them).▤

↰ORLANDO, Fla. — Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida lawmakers ratcheted up pressure on Walt Disney World on Monday by announcing legislation that will use the regulatory powers of Florida government to exert unprecedented oversight on the park resort's rides and monorail.▍IMC1812ES8R2K↼Garcia said that the ancient history of Paris was "generally not well known," adding that the unearthed graves open "a window into the world of Paris during antiquity."▫


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0603J2500560GFR↛In 1991, on the same day Nebraska passed a law mandating parental notification for minors seeking an abortion, Carhart's farm burned down. The fire killed 17 horses, a cat and a dog, Newsweek reported, and the local fire department did not determine the cause of the fire. The next day, his clinic received a letter arguing for the murder of abortion providers, the magazine said.☀M39003/09-4041B▢"Through the investigation, it was found that the SUV ran a red light, lost control, flipped on its side and struck a total of 18 individuals," he said.▌


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