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☏And while Hip Hop Public Health focuses on the U.S., international hip-hop artists have infused public health messaging into their music as well. For instance, in 2014, three Liberian musicians — D12, Shadow and Kuzzy of 2 Kings — created an inadvertent hit of a song called "Ebola's in Town." As NPR reported at the time, "Within three days it was all over the country and had inspired an original dance where dancers mimic kissing and hugging from a distance — a way to keep safe from infection in a country where people love to embrace when they meet."ЮLQW18ANR15G8ZD⇂Authorities said an investigation into the crash later revealed Komoroski had been driving at 65 mph in a 25 mph zone at the time she struck the four passengers. Komoroski was arrested and charged with one count of reckless homicide and three counts of felony DUI resulting in great bodily harm, police said.■BC490G☃The Sweet 16 birthday, at a dance studio just off the town square, was in full swing when gunfire erupted. Investigators have not discussed a motive or what they believe led to the shooting.♣0805YC474K4T2A↣Louisiana GOP Rep. Mike Johnson, a member of McCarthy's leadership team, told NPR "we're cautiously optimistic" about the state of play. On the staff talks continuing, Johnson said "those are necessary sequential steps in making it all happen and everybody knows that so the fact that the staffs are still meeting and negotiating is really important."✍

ºOne student from 56 states and territories also each designed an egg now on display at the White House.↠C325C169CAG5TA✪The employees who shared their experiences with the Times say they filed complaints with the league's human resources department and were overlooked by the league — telling the newspaper they were left feeling demoralized despite promises by officials to improve the workplace culture and working conditions for women in the league.☀


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C1206X103K4HACAUTO⇘"By leveraging proven, emissions-reduction measures available at reasonable costs and encouraging new, advanced control technologies, we can reduce hazardous pollution from coal-fired power plants — protecting our planet and improving public health for all," Regan said in a statement.☀STPS40150CG-TR☠His dramatic arrest on Tuesday — he was pulled out of a hearing in Islamabad's High Court on one set of charges, only to be arrested on another set — was the latest confrontation to roil Pakistan. He is the seventh former prime minister to be arrested in the country, which has also seen interventions by the powerful military over the years. The move comes at a time of economic crisis, when the cash-strapped nation is trying to avoid a default.⇓


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1206J2000104MXR▏Lawyers for the state asked a court for permission to release the nearly 500-page document, which identifies 158 priests accused of abusing more than 600 victims over the past 80 years, and Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Robert Taylor ruled last month that a redacted version should be made public. Officials recently started making the necessary redactions, which included removing the names and titles of 37 people accused of wrongdoing.☂06036C153MAT2A◀So in an ironic twist, countries are now launching emergency vaccination campaigns to protect children from outbreaks linked to earlier vaccination campaigns.❄


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1812J1000683MDT▨"Texas has one of the strongest 'Stand Your Ground' laws of self-defense that cannot be nullified by a jury or a progressive District Attorney," Abbott said.▉C323C829DCG5TA7301▤But none of the officers shift to an active-shooter response. At 11:40 a.m. — four minutes after the officers are injured — Coronado radioed that the suspect was barricaded, according to a review of body-camera footage and available audio.➶


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C0603X361J3HAC7867«Separately, the EPA said it was continuing to monitor and take samples of the air around the clock and confirmed that on Friday it detected the presence of benzene, which is also harmful to humans, in the evacuation zone.❥C907U150JYNDAAWL20↗"You don't remember? But your teacher Iryna told me," her mom says.♧

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