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↠"I mean, you just make a wrong turn, you turn around someone's driveway, and you get shot. I mean, who could imagine that?" he said.➡


♡"Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi pushed back strongly at suggestions that the rescue was delayed or affected by government policy discouraging aid groups from staying at sea to rescue migrants, however.⇊1210Y0630471KCTˍThese are just some of the awful consequences of the now 11-day war in Sudan.◘0505J2000240JQT✡The news comes on the heels of a disappointing first quarter earnings report for the corporation. During the earnings call this week, Paramount Global CEO Bob Bakish said the corporation was "navigating a challenging and uncertain macroeconomic environment, and you see the impact of that on our financials, as the combination of peak streaming investment intersects with cyclical ad softness."♣5022R-272G↗Senn spoke with NPR's Melissa Block on Friday to discuss her stance on reproductive rights, and what she sees for the future of the GOP's position on the issue.☀

▬The name-brand drug Mifeprex was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration more than 20 years ago. Since then, it has been used millions of times, and major medical groups say it has a strong safety record. A generic version was approved in 2019.▌1825J2K00391GCR▦Similar clinics operate in New York City and in cities across Canada. People use street drugs under medical supervision and are given help if they overdose. In many cases they're also connected with health care services and counseling.✪


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C0603C912J8HACAUTO↺Have you needed abortion care since Roe v. Wade was overturned? We are interested in your story if you feel comfortable sharing it.⇌T95D227M010CZSS↘The expansion of the mobile app, called CBP One, was first previewed by President Biden last week, when he unveiled a new border strategy that paired increased expulsions for those who cross the southern border illegally, with expanded opportunities for migrants with U.S.-based sponsors to enter the country legally.⇎


➩"We will pursue other information arrangements with our neighboring states and look to other opportunities to partner with states in an apolitical fashion," Beals wrote.«UMK063CG4R9BT-F▪"This is a clear sign that Russia will keep downing the American drones," pro-Kremlin political analyst Sergei Markov wrote in a commentary on the award announcement. "This decision will receive a strong support from the Russian society that wants the government to toughen its policy."▶T95R156K035EZSL☆KFF Health News, formerly known as Kaiser Health News (KHN), is a national newsroom that produces in-depth journalism about health issues and is one of the core operating programs at KFF — the independent source for health policy research, polling, and journalism.▮VJ1206A681JLLAJ32▣Thriving businesses used to be commonplace in these farm-focused communities. Today it's rare.↔

▒Castellano says that on days his supervisors knew the farm's owners were coming, they "would tell me to hide my face, to not be noticeable, because they knew it was wrong."▉2EZ10D10E3/TR8↨Body-camera video captures Coronado running toward Robb Elementary with Uvalde school district police chief Pedro “Pete” Arredondo. City police Sgt. Donald Page is already inside. None are captured in available video and audio records stating they have command or otherwise establishing who would lead the response — one of the fundamental errors of the police response, experts say. Even as more officers continued to arrive, body-camera footage and other records show confusion throughout the ranks as to what the next steps would be.█

▧Before the Supreme Court decision, Deen explains suburban women were not as motivated by the issue of abortion. Because this was mostly settled policy, it wasn't top of mind for these voters. But that's not true anymore.☁


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