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☞Meanwhile, there's a competing ruling out of Washington state, where the attorneys general of 17 states and the District of Columbia had sought to force the FDA to expand access to the drug.▣CWR09JB155JBC☆The sharp uptick in the number of younger Americans with no religious affiliation — a group known as the "nones" — is the major driver in a seismic shift in the religious landscape, says Ryan Burge, a political science professor at Eastern Illinois University and author of The Nones: Where They Came From, Who They Are, and Where They Are Going.⇢C1206X123J3JACAUTO⇐Russia's New Year assaults, which targeted downtown areas of large cities, show a change in tactics, said an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.▨1206Y2K00120JQT➫The Swiss bank has been pushing to raise money from investors and roll out a new strategy to overcome an array of troubles, including bad bets on hedge funds, repeated shake-ups of its top management and a spying scandal involving Zurich rival UBS.☎

↘Official results aren't expected for weeks, with a new parliament and a new prime minister to be named by July.♦GA1206Y154JXBBR31G✒The GAO said weather was the leading cause of cancellations in the two years before the pandemic, but the percentage of airline-caused cancellations began increasing in early 2021. From October through December 2021, airlines caused 60% or more of cancellations — higher that at any time in 2018 or 2019.❈


"The convictions and the court's finding that the surface-to-air Buk missile came from a Russian military base were seen as a clear indication that Moscow had a role in the tragedy. Russia has always denied involvement. The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the court in November of bowing to pressure from Dutch politicians, prosecutors and the news media.█1210AC103KAJ1A☊Trump has denied all three stories about the affairs.◎CWR11NB225JBC☠This year's climbing was slightly delayed after three Sherpa climbers fell into a deep crevasse on a treacherous section of the mountain in April. Rescuers have not been able to find them.◘CLLE1AX7S1A224M050ACのSpeaking to reporters at the White House on Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., declined to say whether he would move to push Santos from office.▒

•Hoggpool told investors they could withdraw their money daily, minus a 15% tax, or wait until the end of the month and withdraw all their returns tax-free.⏎2225Y0500120FFT۰NASA associate administrator Robert D. Cabana said after the Orion splashed down safely in December that the spacecraft performed "flawlessly" despite a few minor glitches. Officials had scuttled the scheduled launch of Artemis I several times over technical problems, including a hydrogen leak, as well as severe weather.▣


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0801 000 P2G0 330 JLF▄Steve Kirsch is a tech entrepreneur who made hundreds of millions of dollars after founding an early search engine and helping invent the optical computer mouse.✥1808J0630682JCT☼"For the first time, we are getting a binding agreement for the high seas, which until now have hardly been protected," Lemke said. "Comprehensive protection of endangered species and habitats is now finally possible on more than 40% of the Earth's surface."▌


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BUK7M10-40EX♔The U.S. is among several countries to have closed their embassies and evacuated their staff and families.✪591D336X9020R2T15H◘Dressed in black outfits and white costume masks, the thieves smashed through the Quark watch store's showcases on a heavily traveled street, undeterred by blaring security alarms and rubbernecking passersby. Several witnesses recorded the whole heist on their phones, right up until the thieves ran to their rented getaway van and then sped through a red light, door still open, to escape.⇏

☀A spokesperson for the Federal Reserve said "the video appears to have been edited, and I cannot confirm it is accurate."◣

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