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▢When GM's Orion assembly plant reopens in 2024 and reaches full production capacity, Barra said in the call with investors, jobs will nearly triple there and the company will be able to build 600,000 electric trucks each year.↽


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1812Y5000120JAR☆"I'm still being bound with this ball and chain and these tethers and I'm trying to figure out what is going on," says Jackson. "It's like, Oh you won, but you haven't won yet."«LD17ZC224KAB2A⇛"What is new... is the depth of the crack," nuclear safety expert Yves Marignac, who is an advisor to the ASN, told AFP.⇐


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GRM033R71H221KA12D↕On the witness stand, DiCaprio testified about his dealings with fugitive billionaire Low, who hosted lavish parties that drew celebrities including Paris Hilton, Alicia Keys and Britney Spears (who once jumped out of a cake to wish Low a happy birthday). That all came before Low drew scrutiny from the Justice Department for allegedly stealing billions of dollars from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund. Low also helped finance The Wolf of Wall Street, a 2013 film about a voracious fraudster, in which DiCaprio starred.▽SI2331DS-T1-E3↠I feel like I'm in a chronic state of despair over the various bad situations all over the planet, with my personal struggles on top of them. But several years ago, I walked into a hardware store that I hadn't been to in a long time. One of the cashiers (whom I didn't know from Eve) let out a loud "Welcome back!" and added, "I love how every time you come in our store, you're smiling ... it makes my day." I guess I was smiling without even realizing it and had no idea how simple smiles can affect other people for the better. -Richard Crank, Topeka, Kan.♣



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C0805C829DBGAC7800↟I'm Michael Morell.  And this is a special episode of Intelligence Matters.♪C330C153K2R5TA▦New York City was also bracing for an influx of migrants.▄


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