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⊠Since 1969 he had been one of dozens of analysts studying and writing about the decisions behind the escalating U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. The study covered the years from 1945 to 1968, and had first been commissioned by Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara toward the end of that period.ⓥ


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1210Y0160330GCR◥But in new research published this week in Nature Communications, a team of Chinese and Australian scientists reports that they may have found an antidote for death cap mushroom poisoning – and it's a widely available drug that already has FDA approval.→APT14M120S♖If you've always imagined settling down on a tiny, private island off the coast of Scotland, now's your chance.◇


▀"It was such a refreshing moment, unlike the people who were left in the city. The only thing that I feared was the police curfew and people being beaten if found outside your house past 7 p.m.," says Agwenyi. He's referring to reports in the media and compiled by Human Rights Watch, that the police beat curfew violators early in the country's lockdown, killing several people.➲C317C112K2G5TA7301❦The Israeli military said it was clear that both sides wanted to avoid a full-blown conflict. "Quiet will be answered with quiet," Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, a spokesman for the Israeli military told reporters Friday. But, he added, "All our eyes are now on Jerusalem."♙1206GC680KAT1A⇉The Indonesian soccer federation could be further disciplined by FIFA. A suspension could remove Indonesia from Asian qualifying for the 2026 World Cup. The continental qualifiers start in October.▧1210J1K00331KXT⊙"I made a promise not to personally benefit and I broke that promise," he said.➼

☠New York Red Bulls forward Dante Vanzeir has apologized after it was reported that he used a racial slur during a game Saturday night.↓0805Y0100184MXT⇤"But the question the judges were asking was whether the order came from MIT or if he had gone to MIT to find out if he could be useful to them", Nogueras told AFP.⚘

▐KHN (Kaiser Health News) is a national newsroom that produces in-depth journalism about health issues. Together with Policy Analysis and Polling, KHN is one of the three major operating programs at KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation). KFF is an endowed nonprofit organization providing information on health issues to the nation.«


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B82442T1395J50✄He spent nearly a week being treated at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where doctors said he was on a "very normal" or even "accelerated trajectory" in his recovery. After a few more days of evaluation and testing at a hospital in Buffalo, doctors determined he could "continue his rehabilitation at home and with the Bills."⇧C326C180FAG5TA7301Then, Charles will be given the royal robe, the orb, the coronation ring, the sceptre and the rod of his position. St. Edward's Crown will be placed on his head.⊿


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