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◆Wildfires are a "serious threat" to their habitat, as the flames continue to threaten the Amazon rainforest at large.✿

↬Millions of patients sign up for credit cards, such as CareCredit offered by Synchrony Bank. These cards are often marketed in the waiting rooms of physicians' and dentists' offices to help people with their bills.▉

■On the steps of the Supreme Court on Saturday at a rally organized by Planned Parenthood, doctors and patients voiced outrage at the decision and shared their experiences with abortion as counterprotesters continuously shouted "abortion is murder."▣


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IHLP5050CEER100M01♠The first of two trials is set to begin on April 25. Another trial that was also originally scheduled for April has been indefinitely postponed.↔SS23S-M3/5AT➢Len Goodman, the beloved ballroom champion and longtime judge on Dancing with the Stars and its British counterpart Strictly Come Dancing, has died of bone cancer at age 78.⇍


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2256R-29J➱What the economists found offers potentially great news for the economy, at least in one dimension that is crucial to improving our living standards: AI caused a group of workers to become much more productive. Backed by AI, these workers were able to accomplish much more in less time, with greater customer satisfaction to boot. At the same time, however, the study also shines a spotlight on just how powerful AI is, how disruptive it might be, and suggests that this new, astonishing technology could have economic effects that change the shape of income inequality going forward.⊡BCX70G█Obsessed with the Billboard music charts since childhood, he was known for his deep knowledge and appreciation of music and would prove an astute judge of talent during the 1970s era of New Wave, a term he helped popularize, signing record deals with Talking Heads, the Ramones and the Pretenders.☢


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