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2890R-12K▌By last October, Louisiana had its answer: The state's top court struck down retroactivity.◦PM0603H-1N8™"We call on NHTSA to exercise its authority to order a mandatory recall or ensure Hyundai and Kia institute a voluntary recall."✡


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1808Y0508P20DFT⚘Among the Democratic and Republican officials present were Wisconsin Republican Mike Gallagher and Illinois Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi, co-chairs of a new House select committee that focuses on China.☂RGP10ME-E3/73▕Santos has previously referred to the fabrications about his background, which included lying about having Jewish ancestry and about having been a star volleyball player, as harmless embellishments.⇞

⇔He received his second star, as major general, in 1976 and was promoted to lieutenant general the following year, becoming the director for logistics for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. When he reported back to the Army two years later, it was as the deputy chief of staff, logistics.⇈


♡Reach Digital Health fields millions of questions and dispatches millions of mostly automated, computerized answers per day. That is, "we first try to respond automatically to any question that they might have," says Rogers, "because we want to be able to give them an answer as quickly as possible."▼GRM1887U1H910JZ01D♐"Give me a date. November of 1995? November 7? April 3 of 1996? Sure. There's calendars. There's schedules. There's appointments. We could see where he was," Tacopina said during closing arguments Monday. "But of course, with no date, no month, no year, can't present an alibi. Can't call witnesses."↑1812Y1K00471KAT♈It allows for a kiwi to be gently stroked on its back by members of the public if the bird was already being handled for another reason, such as rehabilitation, a site transfer or a routine health check.⇔BZG05B22-HM3-08⇅"Just like we had to, a long time ago, transition from coal as your energy source, we do have to transition. There are clean energy alternatives," New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said in an interview with Good Day New York.♀

✌Police have said that while at the local hospital, he "became physically assaultive toward officers," at which point they arrested him and took him to a local jail, something Otieno's family says should never have happened given that he was in need of treatment. On the afternoon of March 6, he was transferred to the state hospital, which has a unit that provides care for people admitted from jails or by court order.☞VY1472M61Y5UC63V0•The company used volatile ammonium nitrate to inflate the air bags in a crash. But the chemical can deteriorate over time when exposed to heat and humidity and blow apart a metal canister, hurling shrapnel that can injure or kill drivers and passengers.⇎

✿GARY COHN: You know, it could be. But then Warren Buffett would become a bank holding company, and the restrictions on bank holding companies are fairly dramatic. And he would have to understand what that meant to his everyday core business, what he could do, what he couldn't do, and all the regulations and restrictions he would have upon himself after having become a bank holding company. It's not a simple decision.➹


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