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▍"It's almost like the whole Earth is vibrating," says Rice. "It just emphasizes the power of all of these trembling leaves, the connectedness, I think, of this as a single organism."♤


♞Two Dadeville High School seniors, Phil Dowdell, 18, and Shaunkivia Nicole "KeKe" Smith, 17, were killed. Also killed were Marsiah Emmanuel "Siah" Collins, 19, and Holston, 23.✙06035A150JA7F6J▦California, meanwhile, is considering the repeal of a similar law.◈562R10TSD10RR➸Problems arise when patients cannot find local in-network providers and must either pay more, for out-of-network care, if that's even an option in their plans, or travel farther for in-network care.▒1812J6K00391KXR♣What's the big deal? California beachgoers have reported seeing thousands of the Velella velella along the shoreline recently, though they typically live far offshore.▬

↴An Australian police officer is under investigation after firing a Taser at a 95-year-old woman with dementia inside a nursing home.➨1206Y1K00152JER↔In addition to Ukraine, some of the documents provide assessments of China and countries in the Middle East.♧


◀Since Musk took over Twitter, around 90% of its employees have been fired or have quit. He has saddled the company with debt, just as advertisers have fled in droves.♣1206J2502P70CQT❤You could say that sisters Joanna and Esther are estranged. They grew up together, hidden away with their family's collection of magical books. Each book is a spell, written in blood. Now Joanna tends to the collection, alone and isolated. Esther fled years before when she found out she was endangering her family with her presence. Tired of living on the run, she decides to risk everything and remain at the Antarctic station where she spent the past year and finally began to put down roots. But almost immediately, magic catches up with her, putting her, Joanna, and their family's books at risk. Soon they realize that the spells controlling their lives go back further and have much more complicated origins than they could have imagined.⇤C0805C472K5GECAUTO☆"It says you are seen, you are safe, you are precious, and your access to health care will be protected here," said McClain, who teaches medicine at the University of New Mexico. "I think that that sends a huge message to trainees" in the medical field.➙LQP03TG2N4B02D☣Starlight turned up a few weeks later, but Nanuq, which means polar bear in Siberian Yupik, was nowhere to be found.◦

↝It would allow the FDA's original approval of mifepristone to remain in place, the panel said. But the panel also allowed Kacsmaryk's injunction to remain in effect on the FDA's later actions on mifepristone, including the expansion to 10 weeks of pregnancy and telehealth access — a decision that could greatly diminish access to the drug.⇆BAT54ALT1◆"Italy said the returned works were worth more than $20 million overall.♂


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100-220J▊A man in South Florida shot at the car of two people who drove onto his property after they got lost trying to drop off an Instacart order, police said, leaving the car with bullet holes and a flat tire.✑1808J1K00122JDT⇩Ukrainian officials have rejected this latest account.▥


◙To celebrate the closing of "Wangechi Mutu: Intertwined" the first weekend in June, the artist will join exhibition co-curators Vivian Crockett and Margot Norton for a public talk on June 1. More details here:۰SCRH73-121↽More water stored underground means fewer flooded farms, and more water available to farmers like him during the next inevitable drought.❤GA0402H472MXXAP31G⇘For 30 years, I have volunteered with a nonprofit whose mission is to teach gardening to home gardeners throughout our community. I feel constantly renewed by the generosity and energy of the people I volunteer with. While I often feel overwhelmed by the magnitude and variety of troubles in our world, I am also mindful of the abundant blessings that fill my life. I cannot stop war or famine on a global scale, but I can teach a family how to grow food — and flowers. -Robbie Cranch, Fresno, Calif.⊟DDTC113TE-7-F▅The Israeli military said Saturday that three rockets were launched from Syria toward Israeli territory, a rare attack from the country's northeastern neighbor that comes after days of escalating violence on multiple fronts.▬

√Grace Widyatmadja photo edited this piece.☆MMSZ5257B-E3-08♀On Feb. 5, 1965, Malcolm X visited Selma, Ala., meeting with Coretta Scott King while her husband was being held in jail.⇄


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