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VJ0603D620FLBAJ☀NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Johnson & Johnson is earmarking nearly $9 billion to cover allegations that its baby power containing talc caused cancer, more than quadrupling the amount that the company had previously set aside to pay for its potential liability.←2500-30G♥The independent data regulator in the U.K. has fined TikTok 12.7 million British pounds, or about $15.9 million, for allegedly misusing the data of children under age 13, it announced Tuesday.▕


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RS2D R5G☈Unlike the excavation in the 1800s, this time the team plans to remove everything from the necropolis for analysis.♣VJ0603D620KXAAJ▆"I wanted to showcase people with disabilities doing sport, but in a different way to how it's been done previously," he explained. "And so by using the viral sounds and by using the trends, that's how we're doing that."⇛


◐"Today's decision is a win for Americans who rely on competition between airlines to travel affordably," Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement.◊RN1907,LF(CT★Formal adoption also remains outstanding, with numerous conservationists and environmental groups vowing to watch closely.⊟2225Y5K00560KCT▪The Ukrainians are widely expected to launch their own offensive soon, and most analysts expect it to focus on areas controlled by Russian troops in southeastern Ukraine.▤RN1105,LF(CT♡Prosecutors also said that shortly before his wife died unexpectedly at age 49, Chad Daybell signed paperwork to boost her life insurance to the maximum allowed under the policy. An autopsy later determined she had been asphyxiated.➸

▔The designation requires broadcasters to alter their programming in a number of ways, including by withholding comedies and other light entertainment. Music broadcasters are urged to air music in a minor key, according to Serbia's media regulator, REM.⇓679-4☊"The damage is pretty widespread. It's just heartbreaking to see it," Parrott said.☁


☼Barr found that some of the problems at Silicon Valley Bank were unique, based on its heavy concentration in the tech industry, its shoddy risk-management practices, and its large share of uninsured deposits — which customers raced to withdraw when problems surfaced.√1206Y2003P90BFR▩"The transfer portal can be very, very good. There's a lot of good things about it," Taylor said. "Tang only had two players when he got here and was able to fill the roster with transfers."☂6585_2N4209☁Asians largely shared similar attitudes with all U.S. adults when it came to defining what it means to be "truly American."↜SD072SC150A.T【"It's Hamas-dominant," Hecht said, referring to the targets of the Israeli airstrikes both in Lebanon and Gaza.♣

◎In January, Myanmar's top leader told the military it needs to take decisive action against those opposed to army rule. Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing said at a military parade on Armed Forces Day that those who condemned his government showed indifference to violence committed by its opponents.☛1206Y2500151FCR★The 139-page lawsuit obtained by NPR describes the fatal beating as a "foreseeable product of the unconstitutional policies, practices, customs and deliberate indifference of the City of Memphis" and its police chief, Cerelyn "C.J." Davis.♗


☃The Senate panel had planned to hold a hearing on May 2 to examine what Durbin called "common sense proposals" to hold Supreme Court justices to the same ethical standards as the rest of the federal judiciary, and Durbin had invited Roberts "or his designate" to take part.▨1111J100P300CQT▬Democratic Rep. Liz Conmy voted against the bill and said she had hoped Burgum would not sign it.◎MJ2955G⇎In the weeks following the invasion last February, Sofiia's family left the city and spent time at a cottage farther west. But it was short-lived, and they soon returned. "I wanted to go back," Sofiia explains, resting her head on her mother's shoulder, "because here I can choose any of my toys, and there I didn't have any toys."↨C0805C0G250-222JNP➭The finance ministers and central bank chiefs ended three days of talks in Niigata, Japan, with a joint statement pledging to bring inflation under control while aiding those suffering the most from surging prices.↙

→The issues of disability and of women and girls must be part of any initiative put forward by states, agencies, civil societies, and even families. We have a role to play not only on matters of disability but on human rights and development as a whole.⇃S4924-683H▃"We were all concerned about his behavior, but no one could have ever imagined this outcome," he said.↛


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