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➫Bou Samnang clasped her hands to acknowledge the fans who braved the rain to cheer her on, her face wet with tears and rain as she lifted her country's flag. The athlete said later that she was disappointed to finish last, but also happy to hear people supporting her — and surprised that the video caused such a stir.✈

↕Vaccines for adults were disorganized and diffuse. "You could have adult providers, pharmacists, family physicians, gynecologists, OB-GYNs giving out vaccines, all in the private sector," Hannan explains, "There was no interaction with public health agencies."の

❦It's expected that a judge will determine that Trump does not pose a flight risk. After the hearing, Trump will be free to leave. He plans to immediately return to Florida, where he will give a speech on Tuesday night, his campaign announced Sunday.✚


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C0603C683K5RECAUTO→The end of the U.S. COVID public health emergency on May 11 comes with a set of policy changes, and it also brings a sense of closure to an extraordinarily difficult time. But for many people, life before and after COVID are markedly different.⇑1N4743G R0G♤McCarthy has previously signaled that negotiators would need a framework by this weekend in order to pass a deal in both chambers of Congress before June 1, the date at which Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the U.S. could run out of cash to pay its bills.❣

☢Startled, Canales tells fellow officers, “We gotta get in there. He’s gonna keep shooting.” Martinez also acknowledged the urgency of the crisis, later trying to approach the classrooms before eventually retreating. In his post-shooting interview with investigators, stating he thought children were probably inside: “It’s a school. You’re going to assume there’s kids in there.”【


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