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♂Alphonse Mushesha Mihingano, a local administrator, said around 25 mothers, with their children, had been doing laundry in a stream at the foot of a mountain when ground gave way above, burying some of them.▪S0603-151NH3S⇋Here's Andy Makridis again⇘0805J0500561FFT⊕His counterpart in the Senate, McConnell, has bowed to his colleague, saying just this week that McCarthy had been "sitting at the grown-ups table for months."유C1206C910J8HAC7800▦Congressional investigators said in a report Friday that an increase in flight cancellations as travel recovered from the pandemic was due mostly to factors that airlines controlled, including cancellations for maintenance issues or lack of a crew.●

✂Earlier in the day, authorities confirmed that the gunman had bought the AR-15 style rifle used in the attack legally.▷BUK7C3R1-80EJ↛A key provision in one of the first COVID relief laws gave states extra federal funding for Medicaid — the public health insurance program for low income people — but required states not to disenroll anyone for as long as the public health emergency was in effect.➜

⊡Nathan Brewer told local news outlets that he knew his daughter had planned to spend time with McFadden, but was unaware he was a convicted sex offender. He added that his daughter had spent past weekends with the family without issues.☣


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1206Y5004P70CCT•Mabry declined to share the name of the insurance company with NPR out of concern that doing so may negatively impact her business or hurt her chances of obtaining a new insurance policy in the future.◎MMBZ5263C-E3-18✙The shortage appears to be caused by a demand issue rather than a quality issue. In other words, there are more people who need the drug than what's available.▕


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C1210C122G3HACAUTO↪"Texas has one of the strongest 'Stand Your Ground' laws of self-defense that cannot be nullified by a jury or a progressive District Attorney," Abbott said.☝IXFT88N30P-TRL☻The vote was being closely watched to see if the strategically located NATO country — which has a coast on the Black Sea to the north, and neighbors Iran, Iraq and Syria to the south — remains under the control of the increasingly authoritarian president or can embark on a more democratic course that was envisioned by Kilicdaroglu.❃


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VJ0603A100FXXCW1BC▕"We have a lot to celebrate, and it's so much more than the four names that have been announced. We need to celebrate this moment in human history," said Glover, Artemis II's pilot, during a Monday morning event to announce the crew. "Artemis II is more than a mission to the Moon and back. It's more than a mission that has to happen before we send people to the surface of the Moon. It is the next step on the journey that gets humanity to Mars."✍CDRH2D14NP-100NC⇣Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, said she was riding her horse, aptly named Redemption, when her phone lit up with notifications telling her of Trump's indictment. While initially thrilled to see the case taking steps forward, the next day felt "kind of anti-climactic," she said. "I thought I would feel excited and vindicated."⇔

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