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♣But capturing the extra water is an opportunity that Giacomzzi worries is being missed.☂0805Y2500151GFT▨The album's tracklisting included the Mark Knopfler-penned title track, as well as covers of tunes by David Bowie ("1984"), the Beatles ("Help!"), and Ann Peebles ("I Can't Stand the Rain"). Private Dancer also featured her first and only solo No. 1 hit, the vulnerable and luxurious "What's Love Got to Do With It." The single, which also won Grammy Awards for record of the year and best female pop vocal performance, boasted a cathartic, lived-in vocal performance that ushered in her sophisticated second act and cemented her reputation as a survivor, a tag and aesthetic she embraced.◘PHPT61010PY,115▨An IBM report estimated that cyberattacks on hospitals cost an average of $10 million per incident, excluding any ransom payment –– the highest among all industries.➥1210J0160680JFTⓞThe standoff could last months and shut down Hollywood production. (The last writers strike lasted from November 2007 into February 2008.) Some of the sticking points include questions over staffing levels for new TV programs and income from episodes aired on streaming services.▨

➤The original approval allowed mifepristone to be used to end pregnancies through seven weeks. The agency expanded that to 10 weeks and loosened some other safety restrictions in 2016, then approved a generic version in 2019. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, the FDA allowed the drug, which is available only by prescription, to be obtained by mail.☜C322C564M5U5TA☭"With a test such as this, success is measured by how much we can learn, which will inform and improve the probability of success in the future as SpaceX rapidly advances development of Starship," SpaceX said in a tweet during Monday's launch countdown. The team continued going through the motions as a wet dress rehearsal, stopping just before igniting the engines.◎


▣If last summer is any indication, air travelers might be in for some turbulence before they get off the ground this summer.☪MCH155A5R1DK₪"It's not for the faint-hearted. That's why you won't see any men here," Bhagavathy jokes. The other women laugh as they wade into the warm waters.◁VJ0805Y332JXAAC☻Locomotives pull rail cars filled with food, lumber, oil and other products through railyards near neighborhoods in Oakland, Commerce, San Bernardino and other California cities.GRM0335C1E150GA01D♥"The only reason this really works is this is not the Biden administration trying to make rap songs," says DMC. "The reason why it's working — you got Chuck D, DMC and Doug Fresh. 'Nough said."↬

☾Although Mawar was about 75 miles northwest of Guam by Thursday morning, and steadily moving away, a typhoon warning remained in effect on the island. Tropical-storm-force conditions still threatened residents, Aydlett said. Mawar intensified after passing Guam, returning to its “super typhoon” status that it lost as it neared the island Wednesday, packing winds of up to 150 mph.↾GA0805A152GXBBT31G◢On Sept. 26, 2022, Wallace signed an order releasing Jordan from prison under a rule that allows Alabama courts to reconsider sentences.☢

⊟The issue was a personal one for Virginia Kase Solomón, CEO of the League of Women Voters of the United States. She said she was prescribed mifepristone when she experienced an ectopic pregnancy that needed to be terminated.◐


▧South Korea has formally ended a ban on the import of full-body sex dolls, ending years of debate over how much the government can interfere in private life.✉TAJA154J035RNJ↬The number of Ukrainians at Fort Sill is approximately the number it takes to operate one battery, and they will be focusing on learning to operate and also maintain the Patriot, Ryder said last week.▪1206J2000820KFT▒Flamini said she'd lost track of time after about two months in the cave, and thought she had only been in there for some 160 or 170 days. She described the experience as "excellent, unbeatable," telling reporters that she never even considered hitting the panic button.♣1812Y5000103JAR★On Wednesday, press freedom advocates and the network itself were taken aback to see that Twitter had placed NPR in the same category as government-aligned propaganda outlets in China and Russia — despite the network's federal support, in the form of competitive grants, accounting for about 1% of its annual operating budget.✥

❖Context to know: This proposal surfaced after a jury sentenced Nikolas Cruz to life in prison for killing 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., in 2018.◥UMK063CG9R7BT-FºThe Russian Defense Ministry released videos showing warships and submarines sailing off to take part in the maneuvers. As part of the drills, marine units deployed to amphibious landing vessels and coastal defense missile systems moved to firing positions.♣


卍The risks are particularly high for lower-income borrowers and those with poor credit.↹C0402C121K4JAC7867✍It got its name in 1929 when it was purchased by David Solomon Sassoon, a son of an Iraqi Jewish business magnate who filled his London home with his collection of Jewish manuscripts.◦C0805C472M2GECAUTO⇝The recent decision of the Church of England to bless civil marriages of same-sex couples also has inflamed many, including some who see homosexuality as imported from abroad.▔0805J0250333KDR➢"I made it clear my intention was to play and to play for the New York Jets," he said last month on an episode of The Pat McAfee Show, adding that he was not "holding anything up."⇒

But upon further reading, its seeming surrender actually affirms the Hippocratic Oath when you consider that Chin-Quee, a Black man who struggles with racial barriers throughout, can't save others without first saving himself — and that, as the tale tells, the author has to let go of his personal demons to prosper in his medical calling.☢1206J3000120FQT✄"I want to work with these types of people, with these types of teenagers," she says, referring to those who end up attacking schools. "I want to understand them better so that massacres like the one here in Suzano don't happen again. I'm tired of waiting for others to do something. I want to be part of the solution. I want to overcome it."❃

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