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◫15. ""Flashdance...What a Feeling"" — Irene Cara (1983)✏M39003/01-2887/TR☆Van Mol also hopes this moment will go on to spread kindness and positivity.↙TN2907A⇧"They rejected her rape claim, and she'd always claimed this was a rape case," he said, speaking to reporters outside the courthouse. "Part of me was obviously very happy that Donald Trump was not branded a rapist."↺TAJW226M016RNJ☜"We did not see such a truce," Amin al-Tayed said from his home near state TV headquarters in Omdurman, adding that heavy gunfire and thundering explosions rocked the city.◑

↫It's customary for the winner of the NCAA women's basketball championship to receive an invitation to visit the White House. But earlier this week, first lady Jill Biden was all in to host both Louisiana State University and the University of Iowa following Sunday's game — even though LSU won.▢C1206C271F1GACTU▨She subsequently travelled to Prague where she found her hotel room door open and detected a strange smell like cheap perfume in the room. But the odor was no longer there when she returned later in the night.➲


⊙Three others, who were injured, were taken to a hospital. Two additional people, who were inside the residence, were evaluated on scene and have since been released, the sheriff's office said in a statement.☺VJ0805D301MLAAR✍"This is an exciting opportunity for the Rural Utility Service to work collaboratively with our great partners, the Rural Electric cooperatives, in order to advance a clean energy future for rural America," Vilsack said. "So this is an exciting and an historic day, and it continues an ongoing effort to ensure that rural America is a full participant in this clean energy economy."❑TACR226K010XTA✪The Israeli military said on Friday that Palestinian militants in Gaza had so far fired 44 rockets from Gaza, only 23 of which crossed into Israeli territory. The others either failed to launch, fell into the Mediterranean Sea, or were intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome aerial defense system, the military said. Most missiles that managed to cross the border struck open areas in Israel's south, but one landed in the town of Sderot, sending shrapnel slicing into a house. There were no reports of Israeli casualties.↮C1206X473F3JAC7800☁Holmes attracted nearly $1 billion in investments even as the technology did not work as claimed. Its results were often faulty, and the company frequently relied on commercially available blood analyzer machines to conduct its tests.■

•“Expect that invite,” Majcunich-Beasley responded.⇌2SK3221-AZ▶In 1968, Johnson named Fortas to succeed Chief Justice Earl Warren, who was retiring. At his confirmation hearing to be chief justice, details of his close relationship with Johnson were revealed. As a sitting justice, he sat in on meetings at the White House, discussed secret court deliberations with Johnson and lobbied members of the Senate who opposed the war in Vietnam on the president's behalf.✉


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STP4N90K5❦The study looked at nearly 2,000 of the planet's largest lakes and reservoirs using three decades of satellite observations and climate models to measure how bodies of water have shrunk or grown over time, and to parse out what influenced the change. For example, did a lake shrink because of increased evaporation with hotter temperatures, or because it was diverted for agriculture?▨CDR04BP152BJSS☇"We're being as creative as possible to really just work with every individual patient to resolve all those barriers that might stand in the way between making their decision and getting to our door," she said.►

▧Egypt, which said it had over 10,000 citizens in Sudan, urged those in cities other than Khartoum to head to consular offices in Port Sudan and Wadi Halfa in the north for evacuation, the state-run MENA news agency reported.◦


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C1206X181M5HACAUTO♠Connolly was not in the office at the time of the assault. That has left him feeling some guilt over the attack, he told reporters.☎VJ1812A220KNLAR▥Guney "was suspected of being an ultra-nationalist Turk and there was little doubt over his links with Turkish secret services", his former lawyer Xavier Nogueras said.♚


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