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▪The measure that Burgum signed Wednesday received veto-proof support from GOP lawmakers — though some Republicans did vote against it, alongside all Democrats.▰1812YA250220GCTPY2↙Amid the unease, suggestions for NIL reform range from an assist from Congress through legislation, to creating verifiable NIL-approved entities.▲RDE5C3A681J2M1H03A£For the rest, Ferguson said, the Texas ruling "seriously has the potential to eliminate that access for mifepristone here in the coming days."❏4379R-154JS➜Of those, seven were fired, three were suspended and two had internal charges dropped, Sink said.❈

↳"Don't groan, pass legislation," Wood told the lawmakers in attendance.♣L08056R8DEWTR⇅"This law will pave the way for criminals in society to easily commit crimes like sexual molestation, sexual assault and even rape against females in the disguise of a transgender woman," the court ruled.☢


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C430C202G3G5TA7200•So, what now?↖1808Y5000271GFT⇤WASHINGTON — The U.S. national emergency to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic ended Monday as President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan congressional resolution to bring it to a close after three years — weeks before it was set to expire alongside a separate public health emergency.⇦

▌The essence of populism includes a faith in "regular folks" and their inherent goodness and wisdom, as well as a persistent suspicion of elitism – whether perceived on Wall Street or in Washington or in the Ivory Towers of academia.▶


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FK20C0G2E103JN006▫And then there's the timing complications that could arise if Trump is charged in one of the other three investigations he's facing.♜C420C751KAG5TA▀Authorities said the Boston Police Department was called to the hotel, where officers confirmed that they were in fact dealing with a training exercise gone awry.▲

ぃThe fresh violence follows an Israeli military raid last week on the West Bank village of Jaba, where three Palestinian militants were killed. Hours later, a Palestinian gunman opened fire on a busy Tel Aviv thoroughfare at the start of the Israeli weekend, wounding three people before being shot and killed.♀

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