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0805Y5006P80DFT▔Trump continues to deny the claims and has appealed that verdict.▶1206J0500120KFRⓛ"Len Goodman was a wonderful, warm entertainer who was adored by millions ... and felt like a member of everyone's family," BBC Director-General Tim Davie said in a statement. "He will be hugely missed by the public and his many friends and family."↱


↯Status: Signed into law; when it will go into effect remains unclear☞UMK105CG050BV-F⇩It's now been more than a year since these children rehearsed poems, laughed and learned in that green and yellow classroom back in Kharkiv.•SA101A821JAA←The U.S. Food and Drug Administration just approved the sale of Narcan over the counter, without need for a prescription. A remaining hurdle limiting distribution is cost.♤1808Y1000331KXR✒"Crotone, Italy — Rescue teams pulled another body from the sea on Tuesday, bringing the death toll from Italy's latest migration tragedy to 64, as prosecutors identified suspected smugglers who allegedly charged 8,000 euros (nearly $8,500) each for the ""voyage of death"" from Turkey to Italy. Premier Giorgia Meloni sent a letter to European leaders demanding quick action to respond to the migration crisis, insisting that only way to deal with it seriously and humanely is to stop migrants from risking their lives on dangerous sea crossings.✍

The figure in the latest draft report released by the task force is far lower. The group has not responded to email and phone requests for comment on the reduction.¤ESJLW RQG◢How to care for asylum-seekers, migrants and refugees, and whether to allow them entrance, is a raging political and social debate in much of Europe, as well in the United States and elsewhere.①

⇆"Its inhabitants depended on agriculture, livestock, fishing, but also on the exchange of goods," he said.⇓


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D6015L58♖The retailer says its 360 Bed Bath & Beyond stores and 120 BuyBuy Baby stores remain open, but will shutter over time. Starting on Wednesday, April 26, the chain will stop accepting coupons and discounts and sales will be final. Gift cards are expected to stay valid through May 8.♈1N4743A,113▧In testimony to the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday, Kurilla said Iran's drone fleet had become "the largest and most capable unmanned aerial vehicle force in the region," according to Reuters.➩


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T86D107M010ESSL↶New Zealand's Department of Conservation says feral cats — defined as those that live in the wild and have none of their needs provided for by humans — are widespread throughout the country.♣2225J6300183JXR✑The recordings, which have not been authenticated by NPR, reportedly contain graphic conversations in which the group talks about murdering local journalists and lynching Black Oklahomans.◐

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