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♥BuzzFeed News started in 2012 and grew to have more than 100 journalists across the world. The news division was a four-time Pulitzer Prize finalist. Its 2021 Pulitzer Prize award was for the company's international reporting in uncovering the Chinese government's mass detention of Muslims.▀


➮Ray Lewis chose a flashy Versace look when the Ravens took him in the first round in 1996. The linebacker rocked a silk shirt, belt and sunglasses by the designer with white slacks as he helped usher in the move from casual draft night clothes to more sophisticated looks.↯1206Y0636P80DFT☭HELENA, Mont. — Montana state Rep. Zooey Zephyr asked a court Monday to allow for her return to the House floor after she was silenced and barred for chiding her Republican colleagues over legislation to restrict gender-affirming health care and for encouraging protesters.☈2225J2000470KCT☠"A petit basset griffon Vendéen named Buddy Holly won best in show at this year's Westminster Kennel Club dog show on Tuesday, a first for his breed.↫BZX84-B5V1/DG/B4R↥McClain said she knows the mountain's name had innocent origins, and that some people aren't fans of swapping out historical names, but she felt Swastika was no longer appropriate and needed to change. Looking back on it all, she's happy she saw the whole thing through.

↹Nonetheless, an estimated 5,000 women from the region persist, determined to continue diving for seaweed.⏎GA1812Y123KXEAR31G✃RATHER: Good evening. He said he wouldn't. There's no indication he did. No indication Saddam Hussein left Iraq tonight – the deadline for avoiding a U.S. invasion. An invasion that could come as soon as tonight.«


✪The crash occurred at about 8:30 a.m. on Sunday at a bus stop near the Ozanam Center, a shelter for migrants, Brownsville Police investigator Lt. Martin Sandoval said in a video posted to the department's Facebook page.⇞564RU2JMA202EE220J☞Eisa says that when war struck, Sulieman was moving his father from different hospitals to seek dialysis. Eisa told Sulieman that he was heading to Port Sudan, an eastern city on the Red Sea from where evacuation ships to Saudi Arabia depart, and that he should do likewise.⊙1812Y3K00150FCR▀On Friday, Detective Nathan Duncan of the Chandler, Arizona, Police Department read aloud a text message Vallow Daybell sent to Daybell from July 18, 2019 — one week after Cox killed Vallow in Arizona, after an apparent argument.▂VJ0805D2R2BXAAJ♪Peña's presidential campaign was hampered by U.S. sanctions on Cartes for alleged bribery and ties to Hezbollah, which Washington designates as a terrorist group. The sanctions blocked Cartes from the U.S. financial system and cut off funding and loans for the party's campaign.✎

◆A multi-year U.S. intelligence review has deemed it "very unlikely" that a foreign adversary is behind the mysterious neurological symptoms known as "Havana Syndrome" that have been reported by more than a thousand American officials since 2016, significantly undermining a theory shared by some victims and lawmakers that U.S. personnel were being targeted by a hostile government.❂MBR2X120A100♀The museum won't pursue Noh for any damages, according to Korean news outlets. Broadcaster MBC cites staff as saying that when the artist was told about the purloined banana, his replied that it wasn't a problem.☂

✿The announcement follows Drew Barrymore's decision to withdraw from hosting the awards in solidarity with writers involved in the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike. Other celebrity nominees and presenters, such as Jamie Lee Curtis, joined the actress in pulling out of the event.◑

→In a federal lawsuit filed today in Maryland, drug manufacturer GenBioPro asks a judge to prohibit the FDA from taking any action that would disrupt access to the pills. GenBioPro says revoking the FDA approval of generic mifepristone would cause "catastrophic harm" to the company, and to doctors and patients who rely on the drug.▨

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