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ºPolice said they observed two bullet holes in the car's rear bumper and the rear passenger tire was flat. They said they had no video footage of the shooting.⇛

⇉But she warns, "it doesn't actually increase the amount of federal funding that the school would receive. So we're still hoping that maybe Congress would put in additional funding."❖

♈Pasta wasn't immune from inflation: Ortega says the price of spaghetti and macaroni in the U.S. rose by nearly 20% in April compared to the same month last year, from $1.22 to $1.46 per pound.↾


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1206J0630103GCT▔But when they reached the dressing room, he restrained her and forced his fingers inside of her before pulling down her pants and raping her, she testified. She said she escaped after kneeing him and running away. At the time, she told two friends about the attack, she said. She did not file a police report.➛MBRF2545CT▣But new data from states that have begun this process show that hundreds of thousands of people are losing coverage – not because of their income, but because of administrative problems, like missing a renewal notification in the mail.▧

↤Twelve pieces of music commissioned and composed for the coronation will debut during the ceremony Saturday. They include six pieces for orchestra, five choral works and a piece for the organ. Plus a new coronation anthem by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the man behind popular musicals Cats and The Phantom of the Opera.◧

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