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1812J2000154MXT▯Dunkle also worried about possible lawsuits, because the hackers claimed that they stole sensitive patient information they'd release to the "dark web" if Johnson Memorial did not pay up. Other health-data breaches have led to class-action lawsuits from patients.❦36502C27NJTDG➳On Sunday, Bioré apologized, calling the video’s tone “completely inappropriate” and saying that the ad “lacked sensitivity around an incredibly serious tragedy.”✎


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2220Y2K00103MXT↧Another one is that I trust the forces of goodness. That they're taking care of the universe. And I believe it. It restores my faith and restores a feeling of wellbeing.ⓔGJM1555C1H9R6BB01D☏If convicted, he would face up to five years in prison for the conspiracy count, up to 20 years for each wire fraud count and up to 10 years for each count of theft concerning programs receiving federal funds and for each count of money laundering, the Justice Department said.◈


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1808Y0100391MXR⇊Critics say the bill is unnecessary because exposing children to sexually explicit activity is already a crime in the Sunshine State. They contend the bill is a crackdown on drag shows. Some do feature sexual content, while others are family-oriented. Conservatives in more than a dozen states have filed bills placing restrictions on drag show performances.⊙A472M15X7RK5TAA▥Local newsrooms haven't survived the cuts in the modern shift to digital media. Now, the country's largest newspaper company is feeling the squeeze again.△


♦Edited by Benjamin Swasey⇞C1210C229C3HAC7800☆The government did not specify when the new efforts would begin.✚C2012X7T2E683M125AA▣Those two crossings, at Wadi Halfa and Argeen, are very different. Wadi Halfa is a city, and local residents have opened their homes and schools to shelter the influx of refugees. But Mahdi said the situation was worse at Argeen, which is in the desert and far from the nearest Sudanese city.☄1808J6300180JCR✂Researchers say the single-drug approach is slightly less effective and can be more painful for patients, but misoprostol alone is endorsed by the World Health Organization as an effective option.●

♣The sides announced the deal in a joint statement Friday, roughly a month after they reached an agreement in principle on the sale for a record $6.05 billion.⇦CK06BX333K○Will, and can, K-pop go so far that it becomes disassociated from Korea at all?◆


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C784DD▶"This will exclude the most vulnerable of migrants," said Erika Pinheiro, the executive director of Al Otro Lado, a California group that offers legal counsel to asylum-seekers in Mexico.☁1812J2000561KFR✿Combining those two topics into one question, while allowing people to check as many boxes as they want, is likely to reduce confusion and the share of Latinos who mark "Some other race," bureau research from 2015 suggests.


  1. The promos for these episodes are a lot better than the actual show.


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