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GRJ31CR72A105ME11L♠The Fifth Circuit's decision drew rebuke from Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday. It "second-guesses the agency's medical experts," she said. "If this decision stands, no medication — from chemotherapy drugs, to asthma medicine, to blood pressure pills, to insulin — would be safe from attacks."➢C325C154J3G5TA◇In the wake of the Dobbs decision, Murray says she hopes Republicans will join her — which would be essential in a closely-divided Congress for her legislation to advance.◆


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SA102C331MAR-NO LOGO☻NPR CEO John Lansing has previously said he lost faith with "decision-making at Twitter," and that more time is needed in order to determine if Twitter can be trusted again.◦C0603C220K8HACAUTOΘAbd El-Barr's brother-in-law, who was using the app and seeing consistent profits, convinced him to join. Skeptical at first, he started with an investment of just 6,000 Egyptian pounds (about $200) in February. It seemed to work as promised, as such scams often do, and he got his money back with profits, so he tripled his investment.↭

☼The balloon was flying at an altitude of about 66,000 feet, according to a U.S. official. It can be maneuvered but it is also subject to the jet stream, which could eventually push it out of U.S. airspace, the official said.▣


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1812Y0500153MERⓔThe last stunner of the 2022 draft was receiver Garrett Wilson, who took draft style to the next level with his eye-catching ensemble when the Jets took him with the 10th pick. Wilson wore a gray and white double-breasted, color block suit that he set off with $1,690 Prada lug sole combat boots and three strands of chunky pearls.▽0805Y2000182JDT▔In the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the U.S. Public Health Emergency was ending because "as a nation, we now find ourselves at a different point in the pandemic – with more tools and resources than ever before to better protect ourselves and our communities."⋄


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1210Y1000183KDR☆When Jochnowitz, an environmental activist and former township council candidate, posted images of the dumped pasta on Facebook a week ago, it set off an uproar of interest and questions. She estimated the pasta to weigh 300 or 400 pounds.❖VS-E5PX3006L-N3◥Casey Grayson, Corey Harrison and Jerry Raynes are the other three prisoners who escaped Saturday night from the Raymond Detention Center, a facility near Jackson, through breaches in a cell and the roof. Jones said the men might have camped out on the roof before fleeing and going their separate ways.▨

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