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CDR32BX822BKWRAB♤In the sweltering summer of 1974, Mary Pat Fennessy is trying to get by and keep the bill collectors at bay. Mary Pat has lived her entire life in Southie, in Boston's mostly Irish-American housing projects. Her ex-husband left her, her son overdosed on heroin after returning from Vietnam, and her teenage daughter Jules is running around with a boyfriend Mary Pat hates. One night Jules goes out with her boyfriend and a friend and never comes back home. That same night, a young Black man is found dead on the subway train tracks and no one knows what happened to him.◄1812J5000332KDR■Near a window, a cluster of plastic pots with the sprouts of African violets sat on a table, each flower planted by a student in the days before schools in Kharkiv shut down. A gift for their mothers. Ready to grow. Full of potential.♗


↥Many Sudanese, along with Egyptians and other foreigners who could not get on flights, risked the long and dangerous drive to the northern border into Egypt.⇢MD011A102JAB➜"For the team, cooking safely means standing by your pan ... but thanks to the model we also found out that for someone who uses a wheelchair that may also mean covering your legs," Galbo added, calling it a powerful example of why it was so important to work with models who live with a disability themselves.◙K183M10X7RF5TL2♨Khalid Omar, a spokesman for the pro-democracy bloc that seeks to restore civilian rule, urged both generals to resolve their differences. "There is an opportunity to stop this war and put the county on the right path," he wrote on Facebook. "This is a war fueled by groups from the deposed regime who want it to continue."♠C921U270JYNDCAWL40↼CEO Jim Farley wrote in social media postings Tuesday that the company is reversing a decision to scrub the band after speaking with government policy leaders who are concerned about keeping emergency alerts that often are sounded on AM stations.♛

♥NPR hasn't seen any documented evidence of this happening, but the fear persists among some student athletes as they weigh their choices.♧C0603C0G1E6R2B↨The latest escalations prompted Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant to extend a closure barring entrance to Israel for Palestinians from the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip for the duration of the Jewish holiday of Passover, while police beefed up forces in Jerusalem on the eve of sensitive religious celebrations.▦


♜Police did not intervene. As night fell and the crowd started to disperse, organizers promised to hold more protests unless their demands are met.⇖1944-12M♚David Goldenberg, the Midwest regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, said the lack of comprehensive hate crime laws in the state has major consequences.✃2225J2K00222KXT∴It's not clear when nodding syndrome in its current form was first known to scientists; some researchers argue it was first described in Tanzania in the 1960s, and others as far back as Mexico in the 1930s. Still, assuming nodding syndrome is associated with O. volvulus, it may have been present as far back as the 1870s — when onchocerciasis, or river blindness, was first described by doctors.◁1782R-19G☼A second climber who police later identified as Margaret "Meg" O'Neill pushed a third person, her 21-year-old companion, out of the way of the falling column. The move "probably saved her life," the sheriff's office said. The 21-year-old was able to climb down and drive to find enough cell phone reception to call 911.✯

✒Over 2,000 police were expected to be deployed in Jerusalem on Sunday – when tens of thousands of Jews are expected to gather at the Western Wall for the special Passover priestly blessing. The Western Wall is the holiest site where Jews can pray and sits next to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, where large crowds gather each day for prayers during Ramadan.┱2225Y1K00472GCT♦Over 2,000 years ago, the Babylonians mapped these constellations and later the Greeks built on that work to create the zodiac we have today.♙

⇖That included the Irish illustrator Pan Cooke. As a white man who lived thousands of miles away from the ongoing protests, the racial reckoning gave him the chance to educate himself about why police brutality had been dominating headlines.◎


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C1206X479B1HAC7800⊠"By participating in these horrors, California further perpetuated the harms African Americans faced, imbuing racial prejudice throughout society through segregation, public and private discrimination, and unequal disbursal of state and federal funding," the document says.✍ER1641-111JM■In another variation of the problem, Medicare paid for tests for some Ohio beneficiaries who never received them, says Lisa Dalga, project manager for Ohio's Senior Medicare Patrol.☪


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