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√Early on, he was seen as an exciting reformer, champion of the working class and of devout Muslims in particular, who had been largely neglected by previous secular and military-led governments. He has improved housing and government services for many - building the kind of loyalty that could still give him a win in the vote.↞


♦But it's a request complicated by politics. Democrats have a narrow 51-49 majority in the chamber and would need 60 votes in order to essentially swap Feinstein out for another Democrat.▦CWR09MC155JR♂"We have the opportunity to lead the national debate about the importance of protecting life and giving every child the opportunity to be born and find his or her purpose," said Republican Rep. Jenna Persons-Mulicka, who carried the bill in the House.✲C1812X184K8JAC7800Gaston County District Attorney Travis Page is vowing to hold Singletary accountable, telling CBS affiliate WBTV that "we'll be damn sure to be loud and clear" when the case goes to court.↘M39014/22-0399➡Dallas to Denver is at least a 12-hour drive. Cities like Austin, Houston and San Antonio are even further.♢

۰U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken called for calm on both sides and said he was "deeply concerned" about the reports of violence.➹T95D157M010LZSL↯Makenzi has been on hunger strike for the past four days while in police custody.❤

⇀Such moves "are unacceptable," said State Department spokesperson Ned Price.◊

▏But my family was very supportive. I was ten years old the day I came home and said I could not read from the blackboard. That was a Friday. By Monday, I was already at the hospital. A different family member would accompany me to every medical visit I had. The doctors were looking to see if I had a condition that could be treated. We didn't know at the time that those visits were futile. Eventually, I grew to a point where I could go to the hospital by myself. So my family support was strong.⇩


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1808Y2500272KFR☢"This is also a very fluid situation," Sgt. Jeremy Burkett of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said during a press conference, adding that officials are still trying to confirm who was in the studio building at the time of the incident.↙T491D155M050ZTZQ01♥The only time Sousa saw a psychologist was when she returned to Raul Brasil a week or two after the attack to collect the belongings she left behind. Several professionals were at the school to speak with survivors and one convinced her to talk.➬

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