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✤Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, Israel's chief military spokesman, described the three militants as "a source of instability." He alleged that Izzeldeen, for instance, had been trying to establish a rocket-manufacturing operation in the West Bank.の


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2225Y4K00221KCR♀On Saturday morning, King Charles and Camilla will travel by horse-drawn coach along the broad, tree-lined Mall from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey as part of the King's Procession.☺TPME226K050H0075⊙The contract still needs to be approved by the school district's Board of Education. The school district said the board could take it up for a vote at a meeting on April 18.❀


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199D476X0010D6C1E3◇The first changes in more than a quarter-century to how the U.S. government can ask about your race and ethnicity may be coming to census forms and federal surveys.↕DL4738A-TP유Patrick Murray, legislative director for the VFW says it's uncharted territory for veterans.


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0805Y2500333JXR▌A Fox proxy statement filed in 2020 does indeed list Murdoch as serving as the "executive chairman of Fox News Network, LLC."↭0603J0161P00CFT◦"As long as oceans are warm and winds are favorable, cyclones will retain their intensity for a longer period," Koll said.☎


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NTSAF345T3G☁Children and adults stopped to stare at them in the streets. One press review described them as: "Black as black could be, but ... of gentle manners and charming address."✌CKC18C562GCGACAUTO⇥Bud Light faced a major social media backlash and saw sales dip after Anheuser-Busch ran an ad campaign featuring popular trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.▪

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