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↵Controversy has followed Santos since he was elected in November. The New York Times revealed he had mislead people about his education and personal background. During his campaign, he variously described himself as a grandson of a Holocaust survivor, a Wall Street financier and a volley ball star.◙


❑"Deepest condolences to Bob's family and to the entire tech community," Conway said. "Remembering fondly when Bob gave an inspiring talk at our CEO Summit. We've lost a great innovator, intelligence, and spirit. Praying a suspect is apprehended swiftly."▕MAZS0560ML➧However, despite this success in streaming, we continue to feel pressure from broader economic headwinds like many of our peers. To address this, our senior leaders in coordination with HR have been working together over the past few months to determine the optimal organization for the current and future needs of our business.☞CAS18C471MARGC↸Weems, of All Families Healthcare, said having to constantly fend off legal attacks on abortion care has changed how she thinks of herself.➧C1210C681J3HAC7800▩Davis said last fall that he supported "what the law is in North Carolina right now," which was a 20-week limit. Davis has declined to comment on the bill, but House Speaker Tim Moore said recently that Davis is a "yes" vote for an override.▍

☂While its "Blue Blood" status remains up for debate, UConn is going for its fifth national title since its first victory in 1999, having won more championships than any other team during that span. In all four previous title game appearances, they have yet to forsake a win. A win on Monday would be coach Hurley's first title with the team.↪T495X476K025ATE100♕But in January, the DOJ appealed the ruling, arguing that it could not be held mostly responsible for the attack and pushed back on paying damages. That position stunned gun-control advocates and received praise from the National Rifle Association.❉

➻After that first performance, the choir played many other concerts — in music halls, private homes and at weddings. At public concerts, half of their repertoire consisted of Christian hymns, arias and choruses popular at the time, sung in English. The rest were religious songs written by Black South African composers.◫


♦"It's really hard to get sober young," she said.►CDR31BX822AKZRAT⇤The complaint targeting Gorman's book stated that it includes "indirectly hate messages," citing pages 12 and 13. In an edition that includes Winfrey's foreword, pages 12 and 13 read:♝8.85E+11▒In many of Lehane's novels, noir is not only something tied to crime; it's also something akin to a filter that shows the characters' realities. Small Mercies is no different. Mary Pat, her sister, and Jules, for example, are all profoundly unhappy because of who they are and how hard they must work to barely stay afloat. Also, the novel inhabits a place in which crime, race, class, and geography are all profoundly interconnected, which makes breaking cycles almost impossible, especially for people who see Southie as the center of the world and have no desire to see, and no respect for, any other place on the map.♘1812Y5000180GCR▮Instead of talking to their customers on the phone, these customer service agents mostly communicate with them through online chat windows. These troubleshooting sessions can be quite long. The average conversation between the agents and customers lasts about 40 minutes. Agents need to know the ins and outs of their company's software, how to solve problems, and how to deal with sometimes irate customers. It's a stressful job, and there's high turnover. In the broader customer service industry, up to 60 percent of reps quit each year.✦

❧"Most of the featured works had, in fact, been created by [Barzman] and J.F.," Barzman said in his plea agreement.√2225Y5000391MXT«Cartes, a local magnate who is also the president of the Colorado Party, is a powerful figure in Paraguayan politics and members of the opposition had characterized Peña as a frontman for Cartes to hold power. Cartes stood next to Peña as he gave his celebratory speech Sunday night.❏

❃The Israeli military alleged that the three militants it targeted had been responsible for recent rocket fire toward Israel. It identified them as Khalil Bahtini, the Islamic Jihad commander for northern Gaza Strip; Tareq Izzeldeen, the group's intermediary between its Gaza and West Bank members; and Jehad Ghanam, the secretary of the Islamic Jihad's military council.♐

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