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⇕The panel's first vote approved a detailed account of historical discrimination against Black Californians in areas such as voting, housing, education, disproportionate policing and incarceration and others.①


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C1206X300J8HAC7800↖Silos that can house intercontinental ballistic missiles are located in Montana — and jet fighters were scrambled to be in a position to shoot the balloon down.♨0805J5007P50DQT⊙Nelson then shouted, "Come out and roll one with me Snoop!"۰


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1N5248BIn her rebuttal argument, prosecutor Nadia Moore outlined for jurors what she called "devastating evidence of the defendants' guilt" using their own posts and videos. For instance, she cited a post from Tarrio after the storming of the Capitol that read, "Make no mistake. We did this."▂VJ0805Y823KXJAP♀At the request of the trade body defending the interests of houses and growers of the northeastern French sparkling wine, Belgian customs crushed more than 2,000 cans of Miller High Life advertised as such.↫

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☼"Unless someone released the animals early on when the clashes started, I don't see how any would or could have survived for over two weeks with no care," said Kamal M. Ibrahim, a biology professor at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in an email. He is familiar with the museum and its work, having graduated from the University of Khartoum and spending a sabbatical there.♙IPB80P04P407ATMA1Maj. Shul, who retired in 1990, traveled the world speaking about his life, taking the stage in an American flag shirt more than 30 times a year at conferences, corporate meetings and veteran events. His face and hands were clearly disfigured from his injuries.▦DMN30H14DLY-13▁China is a victim of economic coercion, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said Friday.▓GRM3166T1H100JD01D☋American and its rival airlines all say they're much better prepared for this summer than last. They've all gone on a hiring spree, with passenger airlines adding nearly 4,500 employees just in March alone.▀

⇧That brought hope of a reconciliation, Valentine Low, royal correspondent for the Times of London newspaper, told CBS News.↼C0603C271F1GACTU▣There is no direct evidence that the Chinese government has ever accessed TikTok user data. However, TikTok's critics point to laws in China that allow the government access to a company's customer records.⇎


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