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0603Y0630471MER▊"They are directly caused by our federal government's role in the enslavement and exploitation of Africans and Black people throughout our history."☀LQW15AN7N0G80D❈NIKKI HALEY: Good morning. Happy Mother's Day.☏

▲Overnight, videos on social media purported to show explosions in Syria's Deir el-Zour, a strategic province that borders Iraq and contains oil fields. Iran-backed militia groups and Syrian forces control the area, which also has seen suspected airstrikes by Israel in recent months allegedly targeting Iranian supply routes.♢


ºNearly 40 states have laws that establish or increase penalties for assaults on health care workers, according to the American Nurses Association. And lawmakers in 29 states have approved or are working on either similar laws or ones that allow for the creation of hospital police forces. Members of those forces can carry firearms and make arrests. In addition, they have higher training requirements than noncertified officers such as security guards, according to the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety.◤2225J2000471FFT➧The governor called for the resignations of Clardy, Jennings, Manning and Hendrix.➹M39003/09-3013♥Having a dedicated police force helps hospitals better train officers to work in a health care setting, said Republican state Rep. Matt Reeves, who co-sponsored the Georgia bill. Officers can get to know staff members and regular patients, as well as the layout and protocols of hospital campuses. "If you have a specialized police department, they are more in tune with the needs of the facility," he said.♨C324C223J2G5TA➸But Indonesian President Joko Widodo said Tuesday evening that his administration objected to Israel's participation. He told citizens that the country agreed to host before knowing Israel would qualify.◊

☜Dina Sayedahmed, a spokesperson for the chapter, told NPR that the group learned on Friday that the word "Allah" in Dr. Hani Awadallah's name was defaced with an unknown dark substance. The word "Allah" refers to "God" in Arabic.☪STL130N8F7☁When in the summer of 2022 the shelling once again got dangerously close to her apartment building, she and her 11-year-old son, Danil, fled from the eastern Ukrainian town of Sloviansk. Upon arriving in Dnipro, the nearest big city, they faced the prospect of homelessness, as the shelter for displaced people could take them in only for a few nights. Eventually, they had to go back home. Soon, however, the fighting in Sloviansk intensified again, and they had to flee for their lives once more. They were caught up in a cycle of repeated displacement and return — a typical situation for many in Ukraine, aid agencies say.♥

▶Everyone can get a bit of the capital flowing across college sports.☁


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1812J0630392MDR◀With such closely split results, the NCP will look to assemble a coalition government, which will likely take weeks of political maneuvering. More than 2,400 candidates across 22 parties ran for a seat in Finland's parliament, according to a tally by the Associated Press.⇞CCR05CG431JP➤When asked about whether a deal can get through Congress by a June 1 deadline, McCarthy told reporters after the Monday meeting: "I believe we can get it done." Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reiterated Monday that the nation could run out of money to pay its bills as early as that date.◥

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