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VJ0402D5R1DXCAP◊"Wherever families are struggling to make ends meet, kids are going to find themselves in the workplace," legally or not, Wurth says.▶2225J0500824KDR⇎And yet, all of that seems to matter little to Republicans, according to the NPR poll — 71% of Republicans said they think Trump should be president again.ぃ

▀""I know that if I crash [the car], you'll keep it in the f-----g edit,"" Adele cracked, steering through Los Angeles traffic while they sang her hit Rolling in the Deep."♠


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1808Y0160273MXR♦This was critical because it made the very link the President was concerned about.✍GA1206Y153KXLBR31G➙Since becoming his party's leader in 2007, McConnell has been the fulcrum for many a deal between the parties and between the House and Senate. And he has been key to breaking through with the White House as well.↟


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QM034D106MAT2A✚Actor Leonardo DiCaprio lent the staid federal courthouse in Washington, D.C., a touch of star power Monday when he testified in the trial of Grammy-winning musician Pras Michel.◪1808J2000272MDT▧"So I can't be confident that April will mark the end of this strep throat season," she says, adding that the amoxicillin shortage may continue to cause trouble.▎


▊Sheeran sat with his legal team throughout the trial, defending himself against the lawsuit by Townsend's heirs. They said "Thinking Out Loud" had so many similarities to "Let's Get It On" that it violated the song's copyright protection.Ю1812Y2500122GFR♩She spent the first day of her exile last week battling to use a bench in a statehouse hallway. Her key card to access Capitol entrances, bathrooms and party workspaces was deactivated, according to the lawsuit.➧CKR23CG472JR▥Two officers the Department of Public Safety decided to dismiss are still employed in law enforcement, and others found ways to soften the blow from being fired or resigning after the massacre.♀GJM1555C1H220GB01D☝Zephyr decried the bill's signing, saying "it is unconscionable to deprive Montanans of the care that we need."▒

▫If Hamas joins the fighting, it would likely trigger an even heavier Israeli response. Two years ago, Israel and Hamas fought a brief war that killed over 250 Palestinians and 13 people in Israel.☠C327C224MAR5TA7301↢"It's unjust and it wouldn't happen in a just and fair and equitable society," she said. "Those are not the natural consequences of human society."★

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