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☻The California native went on to work for then-Sen. Kamala Harris before joining Harris' presidential campaign, according to her bio on the White House's website. Chávez Rodriguez later became the deputy campaign manager for the Biden-Harris campaign, in part helping to court Latino voters.♟


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C927U332MYVDCAWL40▫While she never promised to rule one way or another on cases that come before the Supreme Court, Protasiewicz was especially open about her politics during the campaign. On the issue of abortion, she said she believed women have a right to choose. When it came to redistricting, she called the state's Republican-drawn legislative maps "rigged."█2220Y0250124GCR▕In some areas, like Giacomazzi's, there isn't enough incentive for farmers to flood their fields, or the infrastructure doesn't exist to divert water from canals and streams.◎

▤And when you're born, whatever constellation is behind the sun during Earth's yearlong orbit is your sign. "So if you are a Taurus, then the sun and the Earth would form a straight line pointing at the constellation Taurus," says Rice, who's also a NASA Team member and has worked on all the Mars rovers except the first.◈


▁Last week, Yellen warned that the U.S. could run out of money to meet its financial obligations as early as June 1.▒VJ0603Y271KXXPW1BC↩'It taught me that with a little practice, I can face and overcome anything if I think ahead to the happy ending," she says. "It's a lesson I use often on land too.' "✲0805Y0500151FQT❈The main protest in Tel Aviv, Israel's commercial hub, was held less than a mile from Friday's fatal attack in Tel Aviv.☭06031C472MAT2A◤"Kiwi are more delicate than they appear because they lack the sternum and associated musculature that is present in most other birds, which protects the ribcage and vital organs," the guide states. "Kiwi must not be regularly taken out of their burrows just for the purposes of allowing people to see and touch them."◈

❤On how external factors have impacted this change:☣1111Y1K00130FQT▪In fact, our planet's tilt is making this circle over the course of 26,000 years, which is why the North Star, or Polaris, won't be our North Star forever. In 12,000 years, it will be another star, Vega.✏

웃The other side of the apartment is missing its front wall. There's a huge drop to the ground.✎


  1. Very durable puzzle but not challenging enough for a 3 1/2 year old


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