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5WF104MEJAA☎"For a large family that wants to have the experience with the kids, that would be a lot of money," said Sarah Tripp, who was visiting Hawaii with her husband and two of their three children from Marquette, Michigan.▶TPSW686K010R0150✯Smith said he was "weary" after seeing victims of gun violence at the hospital for all of his 15 years there, and that it can be a drain on the medical professionals who have to tell families that their loved ones have died.⇞

◥"Companies typically look to see what their sales were the prior year. They might make a little bit of an adjustment," Fox says. "But with the really severe respiratory season we've had this year, it just simply was a mismatch between what people manufactured and what was available."▊


⊿In California, a 26-year-old software engineer, Brandon Tsay, wrestled a shooter to the ground at a dance hall in Monterey Park without knowing the gunman had just killed 11 people nearby.▲2256-33J☀"The mascot imagery just continues to perpetrate and reinforce colonial white supremacist ideas and [stands] as a barrier for new opportunities for dialogue and education," says Michael Johnson, chief strategy officer of IllumiNative, a national, Native woman-led racial and social justice organization based in Tulsa, Okla.❒70TPS12☀Prosecutors asked the judge that Holmes be sentenced to 15 years, arguing that she "chose lies, hype and the prospect of billions of dollars over patient safety and fair dealing with investors."➭C315C432F3G5TA7301✉Dana Ferguson is Minnesota Public Radio's politics reporter, Bente Birkeland is Colorado Public Radio's public affairs reporter, Scott Maucione is WYPR's health reporter, Rick Pluta is Michigan Public Radio's managing editor and state Capitol bureau chief, Colin Jackson is Michigan Public Radio's capitol bureau reporter and Acacia Squires is NPR's States Team editor.✚

◦Macron's signature and publication in the Official Journal of the French Republic allowed the law to enter into force. The authorized changes will start being implemented in September, French government spokesperson Olivier Veran said.●2225Y1K00182JXT▱The commission said afterward that pasta prices were "already showing the first, albeit weak, signs of a [decrease], a sign that in the coming months, the cost of pasta will drop significantly." And it promised to keep monitoring prices to protect consumers.☆


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2220J2500120FCR☞Veterans funding is currently a key part of two high-stakes showdowns in Washington: budget talks and the possible default on America's debt. If the U.S. defaults, as soon as June 1, the Department of Veterans Affairs could be short of cash. And that means Jesse Reynolds could be broke on the first of the month.웃C0805C473M5UAC7800┱In a vote widely seen as a referendum on nine years of military-backed rule that brought the current prime minister and coup leader Prayuth Chan-ocha to power in Thailand, unofficial results show the opposition surging toward victory.§


×34 NAKHLEH:  For example, what tribes should we deal with? How should we engage? The Shia leadership, especially the Grand Ayatollah is in in southern Iraq, in Najaf and Karbala, whether to bring an indigenous leader or a leader from the outside, how to deal with the Sunnis after they lose power and prestige and stature in the country, how to distribute oil revenues among the ethnic sectarian groups Arabs, Sunni, Shia and Kurds.◆C410C270KAG5TA7200☃During a budget hearing last week, Bryan Newland, the assistant secretary for Indian Affairs at the Interior Department, told Merkley's subcommittee that his agency is requesting more funding for maintenance and operations at the detention centers.♢2220Y0160275KXR❤The documents, which came to light on social media last week, included sensitive information about the war in Ukraine. Some documents viewed by NPR showed what appeared to be briefing slides about the war, with maps and charts on Ukraine's troops and weapons. Some of the posts online showed photos of physical documents that were folded and creased in some instances.➬C317C751G3G5TA➺It's unclear whether she'll receive a bonus for this filing year. In the video, she encourages her employees to "lead by example."∴

♤What are people saying? Marine biologist Julianne Kalman Passarelli is the education and collections curator at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro, California, and spoke with NPR about the mysterious blobby dudes.⇟10ETS08SThe Texas Department of Public Safety opened an investigation into a half a dozen officers for wrongdoing but officially cleared almost all of them. DPS chief Col. Steven C. McCraw has said he would personally resign if his agency “as an institution” failed Uvalde. He insists it did not.↓


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