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▐National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told reporters at the White House Thursday that the decision to withdrawal from Afghanistan was the right one but that the previous administration had not done sufficient planning for the withdrawal and put Biden in a difficult position.➭TAP226K010HSB◐"Even though Diana died in 1997 and Charles and Camilla have been married since 2005, the legacy of Diana is something that still curses Camilla," says Gullace.✐MBRD350T4G░When We Were Sisters reflects some of Ashgar's own experiences both as a queer South Asian Muslim and a person whose parents died when they were young. In October, they told NPR's Scott Simon that being on the margins of society and vulnerable from such a young age was a window into "a certain kind of cruelty that I think most people don't have a reference point for."❈TPSC226K016H0375➳Launched with the 2017 model year and billed by GM as America's most affordable EV, the Bolt became one of the most popular electric vehicles on the market.♭

▦"The result is exceptionally negative for Syriza," he said in initial statements. "Fights have winners and losers."◎MA0805CG911F500◦“Now there is no more ‘laters’ and no more 'I love yous’,” Grant said, sobbing.◊

◊The teenager was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, authorities said. The homeowner was taken into custody. Investigators recovered a firearm from the scene.▶


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2220J0250122FFR◪State Attorney Matthew Gedansky said that Manfredonia was in DeMers' neighborhood because he planned to kill his ex-girlfriend, who lived nearby, the AP reported. Michael Dolan, the defendant's lawyer, said his client has bipolar disease and anxiety and was actually planning to commit suicide in front of the woman as part of a psychotic episode.▒1206J0500430KQT★Pakistan's coalition government was dismayed by Friday's bail ruling, accusing the courts of bias toward their rival. One coalition party announced it would hold a sit-in before the Supreme Court on Monday.↡


♡Kim says the slowdown is noticeable in some of the most important markets. The U.S. share of total K-pop album imports has remained at 17% for two years. The United States is the third-largest importer of K-pop albums after Japan and China. And in Southeast Asia, album sales dropped in all major countries other than Vietnam last year.▽CWR11HK106JCB◨John Kirby, a White House national security spokesperson, told reporters the phone call was "a good thing," because "it's important for President Xi and [Chinese government] officials to avail themselves of the Ukrainian perspective on this illegal and unprovoked invasion by Russia." But it's unclear if it can lead to some sort of peace, he said.♪04023A100JAT4A⇉Magical schools have always been a staple of the fantasy genre, but these days, I find that it's hard to read a boarding school setting without considering the inherent colonial undertones of such institutions, even when they're imaginary. To Shape a Dragon's Breath cuts right to the chase and is about that, offering a scathing rejection of the idea that there is one right way for a person to be educated. The idea that a creature like a dragon is also something that could be colonized, and that there is power in honoring Indigenous ways of knowledge keeping and working harmoniously with the forces of nature rather than seeking to dominate them is a brilliant approach that brings something truly current to the genre. To Shape a Dragon's Breath is also a very entertaining and fun read, full of loveable characters and intricate, original worldbuilding. I tore through it, caught up in an enthusiasm for dragons that I hadn't experienced since I was a teenager obsessed with Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea and Anne McCaffrey's Pern. I can only hope that there will be more stories set in this engaging new world.✥1825J0100823MXT➮So it struck some as odd, if not bizarre, to label as populist the candidacy of a plutocrat who plastered his name on luxury towers in Manhattan.☁

✎A judge in Worcester, Mass., is considering whether to detain Jack Teixeira, the Air National guardsman accused of leaking U.S. government secrets, after a hearing Thursday where federal prosecutors argued he should remain in jail pending trial.➛BC849BE6327HTSA1↾Brandt’s humility belied the far-reaching impact of his work, Jay and Kleinschmidt said. He founded a nonprofit organization, Soil Health Academy, in 2018 that offers lessons and workshops in regenerative agriculture. Brandt’s teachings spread far beyond Ohio: No-till on the Plains, a Kansas nonprofit organization, made Brandt the inaugural recipient of a legacy award named after him in 2022.↳


▨Both sides signaled that they were unwilling to negotiate.➩VJ0402A470JNAAJˍMultiple law enforcement agencies continued searching parts of the state, after the Leake County Sheriff's Office told residents to "please keep your doors locked and have no keys or weapons in your vehicles."•AIUR-11-390K⋄The closure will begin Friday at 10 p.m. More flooding is possible throughout May and June, the park said.✍2220J1K00472GFTのIsrael was gradually lifting restrictions on residents in southern Israel, which had borne the brunt of the rocket fire.⇒

☽TikTok is owned by the Chinese technology company Bytedance and has long maintained that it does not share data with the Chinese government. It is carrying out a project to store U.S. user data in Texas, which it says will put it out China's reach.↦CWR09KK156KAA➲"I want to be able to have a small place and an open door for my grandchildren," she says. "There's so many things that I've never done — and I might be a little too old to do now — but I can see it through my grandchildren."♐


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