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☜The shot of the Polish museum appeared to have been removed from an otherwise identical version during the official broadcast, according to WWE blogs and fans. It does not appear in replays of WrestleMania Night 1, replaced by generic footage of barbed wire and an empty, unidentifiable jail cell.↻CWR19DC227KCHB\TR❀"I was the likely target, not my wife," Di Nino said. "But he moved on after shooting her. That's the thing that is running through my head right now."➱CWR11CK107KCB▤Amid heightened security, Khan appeared Wednesday before a judge at a temporary court in the police compound. Pakistan's GEO television broadcast video showing him seated in a chair, holding documents. He appeared calm but tired.↸T95D227K010LZSL♠The president of the Israelite Consistory of the French southern city of Marseille, Michel Cohen-Tenoudji said Benjamin Haddad, a father of four, was a well-known, very active member of the local Jewish community.⇀

♧Belén Gopegui has been one of Spain's major literary writers since her debut novel, La escala de los mapas, came out in 1993, but her fiction has rarely been translated into English. It's an oversight translator Mark Schafer is addressing with Stay This Day and Night with Me, released in Spain in 2017. The novel takes the form of a highly unusual job application sent to Google by a pair of shadowy people named Mateo and Olga. In a brief prologue, a Google HR employee describes the text as a letter that is, "at the same time, ...not a letter, it's a story. And if by story you understand a gymkhana of events, mysteries, and pursuits, then it isn't a story either."☍DDTC124GCA-7♝"I was sitting back there, trying to think about how many times I've stood on these steps saying, 'No, we are not going to accept what you're handing us,' " said Jenny Lawson, vice president of organizing and engagement campaigns with Planned Parenthood Action Fund. "How many more times, and in how many more ways, do the American people have to tell you that we support abortion rights?"↠


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FA28X7R2A102KNU00✌The congregation will also be invited to say the Lord's Prayer' in the language of their choice.♟1812J0630154JXT➛Foster and Perry encountered each other at a street protest on July 25, 2020 — about two months into national protests over the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota.☆

☪"They shoot in order to terrify us," Taburets said. "For all of their claims of advanced equipment, Russians nonetheless hit civilian buildings all the time."☂


▣Markey issued a statement Tuesday calling on the other automakers to follow Ford’s lead, saying that “Ford’s reversal reflects an overdue realization about the importance of AM radio, but too many automakers are still going the wrong direction.”◨1808Y2000681JFR☠With that in mind, NPR is here to help you avoid blacklegged ticks that cause Lyme disease and offer tips on what to do if you've been bitten.▬R6220630PSOO✄"If the treaty is in trouble, and it gets nullified," he said. A new river water treaty could be negotiated "in line with emerging trends of sustainability and environmental protection and restoration of degraded ecosystems."☆C907U100DZNDAAWL40▔At least three groups, selected through auditions in the United States by Korean companies and their U.S. partners but trained in South Korea, are scheduled to debut in the U.S. later this year.▶

☣Prior to the war, some U.S. officials expressed concerns that Russian intelligence could gain access to the information the U.S. was providing to Ukraine. But the intelligence sharing among the U.S., NATO and Ukraine has been seen as extremely valuable in helping the smaller Ukrainian military fight off the Russians.✎C326C160GAG5TA7301↖Beals was appointed to the post last year by Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin. She previously served as an aide to state Sen. Amanda Chase, who went on to become arguably the state's most prominent election denier.☜


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1206Y1K53P30CCT▓Officers Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo said luck and training helped them subdue a shooter at a Nashville Christian school last month.▪1206J1K02P10CQT◦The joint team from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pisa discovered the remains of a primitive refrigeration system, a large oven, benches for diners and around 150 serving bowls.▢

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