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➞Prosecutors say that in the month before his wife died unexpectedly, Chad Daybell signed paperwork to boost her life insurance to the maximum allowed under the policy.♬C430C562JAG5TA7200▄Garcia, who works for a health plan, says she knows how the insurance industry works but had never heard of companies refusing to cover specific vehicle models.⇞C1206J225J4RACAUTO♨"The president has to walk a very narrow line," said Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who chairs the Congressional Progressive Caucus. "This is a nonstarter for so many of us. We're hearing from people in our districts who are suffering with the highest levels of hunger we've seen in quite some time — since COVID times — so no, this is not a time for us to be instituting work requirements."❣TAJV476M035RNJ▆The route to the hospital was peppered with military checkpoints. Groups of soldiers roamed the streets carrying machine guns. Abdullah did not dare wear his medical scrubs or carry his professional badge. He also dared not drive. If he were stopped by the soldiers at one of the checkpoints, his driver's license would reveal he was a medical doctor. Like other doctors in Sudan, he had received many cryptic calls and text messages that made him fear for his life.☠

₪On the line was a teenage boy who could barely speak through his tears. He had recently moved back to his family home in Delhi, and had come out to his parents. They were threatening to throw him out. They had even taken him to a Hindu faith healer who promised to rid the boy of his homosexuality — by any means possible.◊1808JA256P80DCTPY2♦"His response was something like, 'Well, this car has a push-button start, so you should be fine,'" Garcia said in an interview with NPR.☣

あOn Thursday, Atiq Ahmad's teenage son and another man, both of whom were blamed for Pal's death, were killed by police in what was described as a shootout.↘

◘"Give me a date. November of 1995? November 7? April 3 of 1996? Sure. There's calendars. There's schedules. There's appointments. We could see where he was," Tacopina said during closing arguments Monday. "But of course, with no date, no month, no year, can't present an alibi. Can't call witnesses."■


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T495D476K010ZTE200✈While it may sound cheesy, there are lessons the rest of the world can learn from Italy's pasta plight.⇋1206Y1K21P20BCT▇Pres. BUSH: Saddam Hussein must disarm himself or, for the sake of peace, we will lead a coalition to disarm him.☆


↾"Three medical emergencies and now a man overboard," passenger Joshua Reynolds wrote on Facebook. "We have slowed down and are now turning around. Hope they are found."➩MA0402CG201F250❄Voters interviewed by NPR before the polls closed Sunday said they had ample reason to be dissatisfied with Erdogan's recent performance. After years of presiding over a strong economy, prices have soared and stubborn inflation has families struggling to make ends meet.➣2220J0160184KXR☇The extent of the damage wasn't immediately known.▥C323C751J3G5TA7301⇏During worship, some people clung to each other as they sang of God's goodness. Others wiped away tears as children waved palms to honor the Sunday before Easter. At one point, Parker called forth people who needed prayer and a few trickled to the altar.✿

♠Then again, so are diseases like malaria and cholera.➳2220J0160333KCR❈Former Anambra State Governor Peter Obi, who ran and lost in the Feb. 25 presidential election, is one of those contesting Tinubu's victory, claiming fraud.◥


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