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➯Elon Musk said he has chosen someone to succeed him as chief executive of Twitter, but he did not name the new boss.▪VJ1812A180FNFAR♤The group's leader Nnamdi Kanu is in government custody and faces trial for treason after being detained overseas and brought back to Nigeria.ⓔTH3A334K035E11R0×"The hard work of investigators, and the (Australian Federal Police) international network, has enabled these alleged offenders to be charged and face the justice system in Australia," said Barrett.➨C0805C479C1GACTU◥In the current case, lawyers for the petitioners are arguing that existing legislation permitting citizens to marry someone of a different religion or caste should now be amended to include those of any gender.♙

☀LaVon Bracy, the democracy director with Faith in Florida, an organization that has helped thousands of people register to vote, said the new rules and fines could force groups like hers to shut down.✎06035C181JAT4A✑Johnson Memorial was just one victim in a rising wave of cyberattacks on hospitals across the country. One study found that cyberattacks on U.S. health care facilities more than doubled between 2016 and 2022.➳

↕In a news conference shortly after his brief crucifixion, Enaje said he prayed for the eradication of the COVID-19 virus and the end of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which has contributed to gas and food prices soaring worldwide.♛


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1808AC472KATME✐Harris did not mention any political opponents, but White House officials contrasted Democratic efforts to promote clean energy with Republicans who unanimously opposed the climate law. The White House singled out Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Republican who represents Dalton. Greene voted against the climate law and wants to repeal parts of it.ぃSRP7028A-8R2M➝"There's always a risk that mischief will be done," says Kirtley, a noted advocate for press rights. "If you can make the case go away, that's a win."⇓


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0805J0630473JDR▪"There were errors, there were misunderstandings that culminated in a tragedy. But the fact that we have a victim in a tragedy does not mean there's a villain. Villain, to me, requires bad intent and my client, I don't believe – the facts will show – that he had bad intent," he said.◐5022R-204H▂In January of 2022, the committee approved posting a statement to the district's website that partly read, "Forsyth County Schools' media centers provide resources that reflect all students within each school community. If you come across a book that does not match your family's values and/or beliefs, and you would prefer that your child does not check that book out, please discuss it with your child."▷


♨Context to know: The Florida governor is on a quest to eliminate what he calls “woke” left-leaning ideologies from the Sunshine State. And he has repeatedly focused on CRT and DEI initiatives as two signature components. CRT is an academic framework based on the premise that racism is systemic in the nation’s institutions. DEI includes initiatives to promote diversity in education and the workplace.➳GA1206A680KXBBC31G↻Lillian was treated for dehydration in a nearby hospital, but otherwise appears to be healthy.♦BCP51H6327XTSA1⇘It's worn only a short time by British monarchs at their coronations. It'll be in use for about an hour on Saturday and then be put back into storage at the Tower of London.⇐C325C473K5G5TA⇝Lena Kent, a spokesperson for the train's operator, BNSF Railway, told NPR that "the volumes involved don't pose a risk to the river or nearby communities." A boom, which helps absorb and contain spills on water, has been placed in the area as a precaution.❀

⇀No one can tell yet just how many criminal cases might hang in the balance, after these revelations. Burris, alongside others including two U.S. Congressmen, are calling for the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the Antioch Police Department.♦SR301A103JARTR1↸The moment came three hours into the first of a two-night celebration of the country legend at the open-air Los Angeles amphitheater, where generations of stars sang his songs in tribute.◆

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