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↥NPR concluded this interview by noting that – when we spoke with Bausch back in 2014, shortly after he had returned from his time responding to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, he had offered an interesting analogy for the experience: "It's like saying, 'Well, you've trained somebody to be a pilot,' " he had said then. "So, 'There's the plane. Go fly the plane.' Without thinking: What about mechanics? What about the other people who have to guide the plane down the runway? You don't have all the very important supporting personnel that you need for [Ebola], and so it's been a tragic situation."↓

◩The blastocyst has now traveled all the way down the uterine tube. Around this time, the bundle of cells breaks out of its zona covering so it's able to implant in the lining of the uterus — the endometrium.◄


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CDLL5232B▩11. ""Imagine"" — John Lennon (1971)✿B82462G4102M➟Dr. Molly McClain, who provides gender-affirming health care to patients of all ages, said the new legislation sends a message to people exploring their identity in ways that may not conform to gender norms.↔


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4379R-684KS⇗Castellano says that on days his supervisors knew the farm's owners were coming, they "would tell me to hide my face, to not be noticeable, because they knew it was wrong."♧CC1206FRNPO0BN560⇋Who is he? Henry Grabar is a journalist and the author of Paved Paradise: How Parking Explains the World. His writing and research focuses on housing, transport, and the environment.♨


✉"Teamwork. Happy to help speed this up, and thanks to the crew for pumping up my fix," the former governor tweeted Friday.➚2225J0500153KCT☊They now live in a high-rise apartment, and over homemade bowls of rassolnik, a dill and pickle soup, the family tells how when they first arrived in Valencia, it was during Las Fallas, the city's weeklong fire festival. The streets were filled with loud music, parties and fireworks.⊙VJ0805Q221KEAAO♡Equipped with this new AI system, the company's customer support representatives are now basically part human, part intelligent machine. Cyborg customer reps, if you will.▣36502A18NJTDG】The four escapee had been in custody for various felony charges, most involving theft. Arrington had charges of auto theft and illegal possession of a firearm, WAPT-TV reported.♛

⇕Khalid Omar, a spokesman for the pro-democracy bloc that seeks to restore civilian rule, urged both generals to resolve their differences. "There is an opportunity to stop this war and put the county on the right path," he wrote on Facebook. "This is a war fueled by groups from the deposed regime who want it to continue."☛K331K15X7RF5TL2❥But his emergence as a TV personality came in the 1980s, when Cincinnati NBC affiliate WLWT hired him as a political reporter and commentator, eventually promoting him to primary news anchor and managing editor.⇄

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