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➽A bipartisan group of senators announced a new piece of legislation this week geared toward protecting children from aspects of social media they say are contributing to the mental health crisis impacting America's youth.★0505Y3000180GQT☺The U.S., for example, mandates that any beverage over 0.5 percent alcohol by volume carry a warning stating that pregnant women shouldn't drink alcohol, that it can impair your ability to drive and that it may cause health problems.♪C0805X622J5JAC7800◘Rebecca Deen, a political science professor at UT Arlington, says these more extreme policies have also made the issue of abortion more salient. Voters hear about it more often and that means they're thinking about it more often.↷T95C107K016LZAL✄Stephenson saw an early version of the model, when Atlantic Productions brought him on to consult on its validity. So did Ken Marschall, the maritime artist known for his Titanic paintings.▔

☊That wound was compounded after Friday's attack in which a white French gunman allegedly killed three Kurds, just minutes' walk from the scene of the slayings almost 10 years ago.⚘C333C333K5G5TA►Officers who opened the box found the decomposing body of a man, whom they described as wearing women's clothes.✪


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CWR29KB335KBEZ\TR13↑Griffiths: In early 2022, I went in for a screening colonoscopy, thinking myself to be completely healthy, and coming out with a stage four colon cancer diagnosis. And as unlikely as it seems, it has been a call to celebration. My wife and I have been in that mode in spite of multiple surgeries and chemotherapy.▦VJ0805D430MXBAJ➼"We're essentially getting to the end of the first generation of Titanic research and exploration, and we're getting ready to transition into the next generation," he says. "And I think this tool basically signals a shift from that generation to the next."▽


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1808J6300180JCR♪"Several of these issues appear to have been exacerbated due to inaction over time and will likely require more funding and effort to repair than if they had been addressed in a timely fashion," according to the IG investigation.♞06033G153ZAT2A⇇Still Carver says innovation can help keep stores in small towns.♂

⊙It's unclear how long this strike could go on.●


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CWR11MC475JBCOne proposal by state Rep. Randal Gaines would have created a state board to help adjudicate cases for anyone still in prison due to a split-jury verdict, but the measure died last spring after a breakdown in negotiations.↝1206Y0253P30CCT➤"Sufficient funding for election administration, however, remains an obstacle for many election offices across the country," she said. "The federal government can help states and their election administrators by providing consistent, robust funding streams."♬


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