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1206J1000180FFR▤"That'll keep the rodents and other animals that are attracted by the birdseed at the edge instead of in the middle of your lawn," she said.◇1210J1K00220GFT♧"Seymour's taste in music is always a couple of years ahead of everyone else's," Talking Heads manager Gary Kurfirst told the Rock Hall around the time of Stein's induction.❈


☺In their statement, Springer's family asked fans to "make a donation or commit and act of kindness to someone in need" in his memory, noting "as he always said, 'Take care of yourself, and each other.' "➨ER1537-88JM◎Opinion polls in the runup to Sunday's vote had given Kilicdaroglu, the joint candidate of a six-party opposition alliance, a slight lead over Erdogan, who has governed Turkey as either prime minister or president since 2003.▨M39003/03-3021/TR▫Former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama also paid tribute to Turner. Obama said: "Tina Turner was raw. She was powerful. She was unstoppable. And she was unapologetically herself—speaking and singing her truth through joy and pain; triumph and tragedy. Today we join fans around the world in honoring the Queen of Rock and Roll, and a star whose light will never fade."○GA0603Y182MBJAT31G▩Several Palestinians have gone on prolonged hunger strike in recent years to protest being held in administrative detention. In most cases, Israel has eventually released them after their health significantly deteriorated. None have died in custody, but many have suffered irreparable neurological damage.₪

↰The first is New York state election law, "which makes it a crime to conspire to promote a candidacy by unlawful means," Bragg said. In this case, that "could include" false statements, like the misrepresentation to tax authorities of the payments to Cohen.●VJ0603Q8R2DFAAI♠When Sheeran testified, he repeatedly picked up a guitar resting behind him on the witness stand to demonstrate how he seamlessly creates "mashups" of songs during concerts to "spice it up a bit" for his sizeable crowds.┱


☺Motaher al-Marouni, a senior health official, said 78 people were killed, according the rebels' Al-Masirah satellite TV channel. At least 73 others were injured and taken to the al-Thowra Hospital in Sanaa, according to hospital deputy director Hamdan Bagheri.▒GJM0225C1C6R7DB01L⇟Some consumer advocates in Italy have accused pasta producers of raising prices to boost their profits.☢C1206C153M2REC◘"We do not teach critical race theory. We don't embrace critical race theory, and I think that's a spurious conversation," he said. "We are focused on extremist behaviors and not ideology — not people's thoughts, not people's political orientation. Behaviors is what we're focused on."☁0603Y0100561KCT✿The coronation ceremony will end, and the king and queen will then climb into the Gold State Coach, the gilded, horse-drawn carriage that is more than 200 years old, for another procession back to Buckingham Palace. The procession will retrace the same route as the one earlier in the day and last about thirty minutes.⇘

▨"We behave as if this is normal. It is not normal. It is not right for us to live in a nation where nobody is safe, no matter where they are," Warnock said.▨VJ0402Y561MXXCW1BC◥Morgan Hopkins, president of the abortion rights group All* Above All, said "an anti-democratic process" was taking place on abortion. A recent Pew Research Center poll found that 53% of Americans say medication abortion should be legal in their state.☻

↖In court documents filed in federal court in New York, she said that she was sexually abused by the billionaire and trafficked to his friends for about 15 years, while receiving cash payments for sexual acts.☠


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GMC21CG5R1C100NTD▅Context to know: Publishers and free speech advocates, including some from conservative media, warn that the bill would dramatically change how journalists do their jobs. Opponents say a provision that presumes reporting cited to anonymous sources is false could make it harder for journalists to investigate corruption and sensitive topics.↖0603J2000120FFR↯What are people saying?▮

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