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▦But now, the treaty is facing its toughest test in decades. "The level of mistrust is at the highest," says Jamaat Ali Shah. He used to represent Pakistan on a bilateral commission that oversaw the implementation of the Indus Waters Treaty.➸GA0603H103JBAAR31G◩When asked how she feels wearing a mask, one woman said, "It feels like going back in time. It's like living on this stage. It's marvelous!"CQ0805CRNPO9BN2R2➹It's not immediately clear how the new drug will be used differently compared to naloxone, and some experts see potential downsides to its longer-acting effect. The drug will be available via prescription and is approved for patients 12 and older.⇦LQP15MN3N1W02D●Vallow Daybell's son Colby Ryan and other relatives told their side of the story about her and Chad Daybell last fall, when Sins of Our Mother, a true-crime series, premiered on Netflix in September. The series is directed by Skye Borgman.✍

⇊"This is how we get ready," says Bhagavathy. "We've tried gloves before, but they always slip away in the strong currents. And injuries are so common when your fingers are exposed."◄12102C223KAT2A☟There are actually several different types of queens in U.K. history, depending on their ancestry and marital status (for example, queen dowager and queen mother).➭


☠But the host's brash good humor could also deflect critics. When I interviewed him again in 2012 for the Tampa Bay Times, I asked about normalizing violent behavior for viewers. He had a ready response:✿SE043C106KAR∷"It was not a choice. It was medically necessary," she said. "The doctors were able to use methotrexate and mifepristone to treat me. And without this important life-saving combination of medication, who knows what the outcome would have been?"◙0805Y5000150JQTЮ“It gets more expensive the further along you are,” she said, as people have to travel further, stay overnight, find child care and miss work.☁C315C473M5U5TA7303↜"This is our worst nightmare," Pyatt said. "It doesn't get worse than this."♣

◁Trees were uprooted and homes turned into piles of splinters. One building was flipped on its side. Drone footage showed emergency crews peering into the wreckage with flashlights.☈CDR01BX122BKZRATOtieno was laid to rest last week. Civil rights leader the Rev. Al Sharpton and other speakers at his funeral said his death shows the need for mental health and policing reforms.◊


▐"Good luck in your mandate," the Brazilian wrote on social media. "We will work together for even better and stronger relations between our countries, and for a South America with more unity, development and prosperity."⊙VJ0603V333MXQCW1BC§WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden has commuted the sentences of 31 people convicted of nonviolent drug crimes who were serving time in home confinement, the White House announced Friday.╬VS-ST180S04P1V◤The Peregrine Fund, which manages the Arizona-Utah flock, also captured five other birds that seemed ill and sent them to a wildlife rescue in Phoenix. One bird died and the other four have been quarantined, officials said.♪T491X226M035AT40477280↢Have you needed abortion care since Roe v. Wade was overturned? We are interested in your story if you feel comfortable sharing it.➡

☠"The president pivoted back," McCarthy said on Fox News Sunday Morning Futures. "He actually proposed spending billions more next year than we spend this year."✉26S151C▦He spent several months in military hospitals enduring treatment more painful than the flames. Even eating was unbearable.△


⇙Democrats remain critical of any efforts to link debt ceiling negotiations to legislation that would require work requirements for those on assistance programs.♡NDC7002N_SB9G007➬Kiwi have lived in New Zealand for tens of millions of years. The brown kiwi is classified as "vulnerable to extinction" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which estimates that roughly 27,000 brown kiwi remain in the wild. The birds struggle to survive to adulthood without human intervention.㊣1812Y0500103GAR◈Ebtihal al-Neaamah told CBS News that she finally made it to Cairo on Friday with her children, but her brother had been forced to stay behind.✈CDR31BP471BFUM-ZANAA◎Biden also cast himself as the antidote to what he implied was a rising tolerance for racism, directly mentioning Donald Trump's infamous characterization of the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville as "very fine people on both sides."◑

◘She has a prior engagement with a 4-year-old.☼M39003/01-6226H☭Gabino Iglesias is an author, book reviewer and professor living in Austin, Texas. Find him on Twitter at @Gabino_Iglesias.♂

☁Today Iger sounded both exasperated and determined when talking about Florida. He pointed out that Disney is one of the state's biggest tourist attractions and employs some 75,000 people.↶

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