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1210Y0500180FFR⇓Capers said the suspect lived next door to the victims, in the city of Cleveland, which is less than an hour northeast of Houston. The attack unfolded after one of the people living inside the victims' home asked the suspect to stop firing rounds in his yard because they had an infant trying to sleep.ღ1206J1000183JDT►"With a test like this, success comes from what we learn," the company said in a tweet. "Today's test will help us improve Starship's reliability as SpaceX seeks to make life multi-planetary."☀

♕Are you thrilled? Skeptical? Still mourning losses? Stopping all precautions or incorporating some into your daily life? Or maybe you've made changes in your life that you find meaningful. Email us at [email protected] with the subject line "Emergency lifted" and we may feature your strategy on NPR.org. Please include your name and location. Submissions close on Friday, May 19.↳


ぃ"Permanent gender-changing surgeries with lifelong impacts and medically prescribed preparation for such a transition should occur as an adult, not as a minor," Holcomb said in a statement about the Indiana bill.☼CC0402CRNPO9BN5R5►And yet, he says, images of people using these common, crucial safety devices have generally been hard to find — especially when it comes to people from historically excluded communities.◫1210J0250393JDT⇦Because I was from Summit, people would say, "Yo, you're so white — what's wrong with you?" All those kids were good at speaking Korean because all their friends were Korean — they had a reason to speak Korean. I didn't have that. I'd have to go back to Summit where I would just be "white" again and speak English all the time. I wanted to fit in so bad [in Summit] that I tried to force myself to forget the Korean part of myself. It was a survival mechanism.▷AIUR-04-681J☋They all chose Carpool Karaoke, referencing Corden's most popular sketch where he drives around Los Angeles with celebrities and sing songs. Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder and Chris Martin are a few of his Carpool Karaoke passengers. The segment was such a hit that it spun-off into its own series for Apple. Corden only appeared in the debut episode with Will Smith in the car.☪

▒Camilla was crowned as queen shortly after, and sat alongside her husband in identical chairs as the choir began to sing.웃M39006/31-0043♚So the team used a computer program to look for FDA approved drugs that might block STT3B from working. They found a match in the compound ICG, an iodide based dye that has been used in humans since 1956 to help diagnose diseases in the eye.❦


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CDR01BP220BJYMAT✏Reading of the verdict was live-streamed from the Ada County Courthouse in Boise, Idaho — a departure from the trial's main phase, when Boyce declared daily proceedings would be depicted only via audio, to avoid the release of sensitive and upsetting images.◦BAV199/ZL215⚘For years, Miller High Life has used the "Champagne of Beers" slogan. This week, that appropriation became impossible to swallow.▬

☣Experts say the missile, which uses solid fuel as opposed to liquid, is a major milestone for the nation's military and will greatly strengthen its already formidable nuclear arsenal.▉

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